Horoscopes for 4-15-2021

Horoscopes for 4-15-2021

Oh, welcome, wife! Give you direction
How women should be placed; you know it best.

    Sir Thomas More in Shakespeare’s Sir Thomas More 3.3.7-8

E-mail The Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Taurus on 4.19.2021 around 4:00 PM, local. Catches up with a slowing Mercury, and Venus and stuff.

Mars ends up at 29 of Gemini, just fixin’ to shift.

In other news?


AriesAh yes, you can see this coming. There’s a heady enthusiasm with the approach of the full moon, but that needs to be tempered with a sense of reality. Ugly word, there: reality. Birthday month is almost up and will be over, soon enough, but that shouldn’t stop the gentle, forward action of Aries. I’ve eschewed a number of courses, but as we get slowing planets, and gradual shift in the Sun as it motors on over to Taurus, there’s that hint, for Aries, this shift and the following Full Moon is a time to set back on your heels and go a little slower while everyone else goes a little faster. The purpose of slowing it down? Let others rush in and make hasty mistakes, and while “slowing down” is counterintuitive for a ram-tough, head-strong sign like yourself? Pause long enough to let this magic work in your favor, and a belated happy birthday.


Old, sage advice from a dear Taurus friend. “Plan your work then work your plan.” Kind of a simple way to put it, but the last few days have given your Taurus self a clue about which direction you want to take this next month or so. You have ideas, dreams, hopes, and plans. Most important? Post Pandemic Plans. Now, to make that happen? Plan your work. Simple instruction, and to some, this should be obvious, but it helps, for some people to outline each step. Me? I work with a rougher outline, just a thumbnail sketch, so to speak, and that’s what I’ve found is my most effective plan. So the idea of planning a “plan,” that is different from individual to individual, as to just how that looks. But it all involves a plan. “Plan your work.” Even more fun?

To some, this isn’t work, but, like say, planning a vacation, a pursuit, a hobby, something like that. Still the answer and solution to this week’s almost full moon on approach? Work your plan. Yeah, I know kind of simple, but you know what? It works. Plan your work. Then? Work your plan.


Mars ends this horoscope in a ticklish place. Not like it hasn’t been tough so far, it’s just that Mars adds urgency. I can’t hurry up the planets or the rest of the people who aren’t Gemini. So there’s that as a limitation. Those are my failings, though, and I’m not Gemini. So moving forward, the ticklish proposition is how to figure a way around that Mars, and figure out what its message was meant to symbolize. Once I get off into weird, tangential, obscure astrological reference points, I see a certain Gemini tapping her foot, “Hurry up. Point. Get to the point. Now.” Which is part of what’s this is all about, no one seems to be getting to the point quick enough. There’s a layered, meaningful, nuanced, and important message that’s all wrapped up in various levels of meaning. Myth and metaphor, to evoke a couple of my favorite images, sure, that, too. But the way forward, for the Twins? Remember that this is subtle in nature and requires a more circumspect approach. You want to charge in. Don’t.


One fishing buddy, not named “bubba,” but thank you for asking, he was suggesting a cold remedy for me. It was essentially nothing more than tequila and honey. Should be local tequila and local, not pasteurized, honey. This was in response to me and I sounded bad that morning. Wasn’t a cold, but just a seasonal allergy. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to work. Stopping to think about it, though, as a remedy for an allergy to work? Enough tequila might be the answer. I’d probably get thrown out if I showed up drunk, but that’s not really the question. This is about Cancer, the gentle Moon Children and a possible homeopathy or old wives’ tale cure for an immediate problem. I think, not sure what the problem is, but my buddy’s cold remedy might work. Might be something close to this, might be a little different, the recipe has to vary from person to person, and, I guess where one is on the planet, but the idea that a simple remedy might work? Yeah, that’s the cure this week. “Tequila and honey?” Whatever your version is, sure.

The Leo

If I had my way? The world would merely cavort, and curry favor with The Leo. Simple as that. But, as we know, not enough people listen to me, or the way I think the world should be run for my majestic friends. Best Fixed Fire Sign, ever, but you know I would say that, right? I’m biased, too, and so are you. Here’s the problem: besides me, and you, not everyone else understands these simple equations. With that in mind, understand, as Taurus starts to unfurl a little, like early next week? There’s going to be more than one upsetting minor point. Only, to a The Leo, this isn’t a minor point, this is a very big deal — only it really isn’t. You know that. I know that. People, it is fun, some days, to get worked up over a perceived slight. Really. A day with no drama is a traumatic day, right? So, here’s the deal, let is slide. Just let it go. I know, yeah, you’re right, but there’s a point where the drama just isn’t worth the effort. It’s going to be a weird one, and instead of getting upset, letting it slide, just these next few days? Goes a lot further to making you look like the regal character we both know that you really are.


One of the more interesting finds I had on the inter-webs? Old books. Old books, digitized and rendered readable in modern settings, like an old library, suddenly, all available online. One book was a history text, and the particular interest, for me, was the way the history was presented, more than a hundred years ago. In part, the event was closer to time of writing, but also, it showed that plainly sexist, white-male preferred attitude. I’m not saying it was right or wrong, but as a historical document, reading with more modern eyes, it made for much more interesting version. Understand, I didn’t, I don’t, accept any historical narrative as absolute fact, I just take it as an opinion. In this case, it was an opinion from over a hundred years ago, written by the winners. Lopsided, sure, not all factual, not according to more current data and subsequent excavation and other research, but as a way to see what shaped us, what shaped thinking, then? Fascinating to read. Have to be careful, though, as a document like that? Consider that it might be based in the same reality, but it could also be a kind of fiction. Narrative, look at the source, my little Virgo friend, look at the source before jumping to a conclusion.


Ever wonder, “Where are they now?” One of the ‘one-hit-wonders’ from the previous millennia? Lives on a side street on the West Coast, drives a beater car, and doesn’t have a lot going on, not now. Every once in a while, a fan shows up and that can be crazy, but the former star is easily approachable, now. This, in and of itself, isn’t really new information, but question remains, “Where are they now?”

I stumbled into this Libra sponsored reverie about “where are they now” because there’s that urge to see who’s left, who’s still standing, and what is left. There’s an extra layer of intellectual engagement going on beneath the surface of the Libra visage, and that means there’s the question, questions, and the first one is the old, “Where are they now?” There will be other questions, but chasing that down, for now? Might help. Pop a name into the old search monster, see what happens.


Research. I was looking for a specific kind of fish (thing). I’d prefer not to give away the details of some of my secret techniques that work so well, but I was looking for a certain kind of fishing tackle. Available in bulk, and available in different brands, presumably from different manufacturers. I found what I was looking for, but I started to paw through some of the search results, then, down that “internet” rabbit warren of reviews that might, or might not, be sponsored by the various manufactures. Eventually, I hit on a graphic display, simply a chart, that showed failure rates. One or two in hundred is not cataclysmic, but some brands showed no failures in hundreds. I finally managed to piece together why I was experiencing some failures — I was using a cheap, possible shoddy knock-off arrangement. Just upping the price point resulted in much better success rates. I finally got it. “This works so good, most of the time,” and I changed that. “This works really well with a much lower percentage of failures.” Costs more, but it was worth it. Think this one through. The cheap stuff works, but fails more frequently. Cost to benefit ratio, how’s that look, for Scorpio?


I love me some grand, sweeping gestures. Big actions, big hair, grandiosity on a large scale. I live in Texas and there’s a larger than life sense to some of our events. Some of it is brag, some of it is fact, some it doesn’t much matter, but some of it is important. The way this week plays out, though, there’s that Sagittarius sense that something requires that grand gesture, a big segment, a bold opening. No. “No? What do you mean, ‘no,’ of course this requires a large (something)!” No, no it doesn’t. One of the loudest expressions I’ve seen is someone who doesn’t make any statement, letting the silence and a simple, non-committal look make all the noise that’s required. Aim for a quiet opening, a soft launch, a not-very-typical Saggittarius subtlety. Works wonders, especially running up next to the approach of the Full Moon.


Happens, from time to time, I’ll find a snippet of text that I’ll want to reuse, like, say, a signature file? Perhaps there’s a bit of simplistic code embedded with the snippet? Again, a simple example is a signature file, a short, snappy quote, or one of my Latin expressions? I was thinking about this, as an example for Capricorn because I had simple bit of code that was missing the last two letters. Resulted in an error, the dreaded “404.” What I was doing, obviously, I coded it correctly the first time, but in subsequent copy and paste scenarios, I missed copying the last two letters. In and of itself, not a terrible flaw, but repeated, over and over, in mistaken form? Causes a problem, looks unprofessional, and frankly, is just hugely annoying. What’s worse? It was my own mistake, too fast with copy and paste, which resulted in an error multiplied across several days of work. Not a happy event, but certainly my own mistake, made worse by my own actions, and certain kind of lack of looking something over before I let it loose. Herein is my Capricorn suggestion, check to make sure you’re not copying and pasting the same errata, over and over.


An “efficiency expert” helped one of my buddies get all set up. Home office with slots, organizational files, everything neatly ordered on the desk, a new file cabinet with color-coded and carefully printed labels, all organized. To suggest that one buddy is kind of a hot mess? Understatement. Good friend, and brilliant to fish with, but his business acumen leads a little to be desired, to say the least. Maybe that’s not true, he is largely successful, but he’s not organized. The “efficiency expert” left all the tools in the right places, left all the systems intact, and ready to use.

That structure, that order, the lack of chaos nearly ruined my buddy. He couldn’t find anything even though the current catalogs were in a wall hanging thing clearly labeled, “current catalogs.” I understand that the ordered chaos he lived with? That’s his style. It’s how he works best. Doesn’t make sense to me, but makes perfect sense to him. This is an example of how this stuff works. That structure, left behind by the “expert?” Eventually, that was all dismantled and rearranged into my buddy’s usual chaos. Works for him. As an Aquarius, what works is what works. Doesn’t have to make sense, if it works. Use what structure you prefer.


E-mailComes a time when nothing but cryptic terms work best. In the Pisces slice of the heavens? Use cryptic terms. I mean, use verbal shorthand, acronyms, subsets of acronyms that serve as verbal shorthand? All of that. In a simple example, my family, portions of my birth family tend to call me “K.” Just a letter, stands for the first letter of my first name. Pretty simple example but that covers this week’s nuanced expressions for Pisces, it’s about using a piece of something to represent the whole thing. It’s about as quick way to convey a lot of data in as short a space as possible. Minimum of expression, maximum of material covered. Get the most amount across with as few letters as possible. It’s a simple goal, and in some circles, this is easy. I can spend a day in a boat and not say thirty words. Sometimes a knowing nod, or verbal “uh” is conveys sufficient information. Got that?


Yeah, you got this.

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