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Taurus guys: this is the sign of mint chocolate. Ask them what their favorite flavor is, “You mean I got to choose just one?” is the common response. Beautiful voice, great sense of taste, aesthetic snobs. Ruled by Venus, as in the Goddess of Beauty. Taurus don’t fish, but have back room filled with tackle and a shiny new bass boat that one wouldn’t want to actually get wet.

Grocery store: A Taurus is fun to shop with. The tactile nature of Taurus turns a simple trip to the grocery store into a sensory experience. There’re melons to thump, tomatoes to squeeze, the mint to smell, and maybe a few fresh cut flowers to pick up, too. I remember being stuck in a Mall with a Taurus, and he had to touch and handle everything. Before he could declare a shirt worthy of purchase, he had to fondle the material to see if it was soft and silky smooth.

Shopping at midnight: Whether shopping for auto parts or swimwear, the Taurus will seem to meander at times in the discount store that is open 24 hours. The Taurus will always swing through the clothing department just to see if there are any good deals, fondling the softer fabrics. The Taurus will also wander through the food section just to see if there are any good deals available. This is due to the fact that Taurus is most often associated with Venus. It’s the Venus which rules good taste. Soft, supple, and very sensual. Don’t forget that pleasure is a business to a Taurus.

Brick wall: A Taurus takes one look at an Aries banging his head against the brick wall and decides that it looks like it might hurt. Taurus has a much more refined approach: do nothing, wait and see. Taurus can be rather patient at times, and when confronted with an immovable object, the Taurus is inclined to hang a nice, pretty drape on it and sit himself down to a hearty meal, waiting to see if the problem will go away. Remember, the problem has been addressed by a tasteful drape, or maybe a painting, or, at the very least, a poster that seems to be in good taste.

Bait: Get one of those special Craw Dad plastic things––the newer plastic jobs that have a special, garlic smell embedded in the plastic. Works great. I know, you might find the authentic “feeling” of the plastic a little slimy, but to catch a Taurus, you need something that looks real, feels real, and, most important, tastes good. And that garlic flavor–bacon bait has the taste that a Taurus Bass will crave.

Body part: Neck, throat, ears.

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Aries: I love Aries guys, and you’re going to find them attractive, too—that’s the good news. But as soon as I start out with a note of good news, like the perspicacious individual that you are, you’re going to be asking, “Okay, smart guy, what’s the bad news?”

Glad you asked. Aries are known for their gentle and loving manner. Just kidding. Aries are known for the fact that they are fire signs, and as such, they embody many of the traits of the element fire. That means there can be a lot of passion there. Depth of feeling, though, isn’t the same as passion, and as a Taurus, your refined sense of whom you are requires that you have some depth in that emotion.

Like the element of fire: strike a match and watch what happens. As long as there is the oxygen and matchstick, that is, as long as there is fuel, it burns well. But when that fire runs out of fuel, you’re stuck with a smoldering splinter and probably burnt fingertips.

I’m not about to suggest that every Aries guy is like that burned up matchstick, but you might want to consider a few elements before holding on to him too long. Does he really have what it takes to make it through the Taurus mud pit of love? Or is this guy really just a sprinter, and he sure looks good right now, but he might grow cold before too long? These are important questions, and in your little Taurus heart (actually, most Taurus girls have huge hearts), you need to make some assessment about real worth versus what you’re feeling at the moment. It’s sometimes hard to tell love from passion because the two emotions often excite the same place in the brain. But it’s not your brain that I’m worried about, it’s your heart.

There are numerous qualities about Aries guys that I really do like. They are loyal, and they are very upfront. There is rarely, if ever, any hidden agenda. They tell you what they are going to tell you, they tell you what they tell you and then they tell you what they told you. Pretty simple. That’s that. No more. Over and out. Finish. Done deal. ––30––. End of file. Fini. Get the picture?
My personal favorite is the brick wall scenario. Go back and review that before you get much further. See if it fits you, and see if it fits that Aries guy. And then, you have to decide for yourself, see if his style fits your style. For a short run, it works well. For a long–term engagement, I might look elsewhere.


Taurus: This is one of those relationships that really looks bad on paper. I mean, it looks terrible. Practical advice suggests that should just stay away from this one altogether. Those folks in the know claim it’s just no good. But what the books say, and what I’ve seen, seems to be different.

It can work. It can work pretty well. It’s matter of understanding what you two are about. Personally, I enjoy shopping with a Taurus because no one has the exquisite good taste that a Taurus girl displays. But understanding each other is the problem. The trouble starts when major problems occur. This is going to take teamwork, cooperation, and chance to work together. It’s like shopping with a Taurus. If you understand what’s going on, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. If you don’t get it, though, there’s trouble.

When my Taurus friend goes to the store, doesn’t matter which store, let’s suggest it’s a “Super Mega Discount Chain Store,” she is going to dawdle and look at all the pretty clothes, maybe even some of the material, which is in a department clear across the store from where wanted to be. Then there’s the touching, it’s that Taurus tactile thing I like so much, she has to feel all the clothes. Eye appeal isn’t everything, there’s a certain feeling to each piece of cloth. Now, we went to the store to pick up a 12–pack of cheap diet soda, but you know, as long as we’re here….

That’s the flavor this relationship takes. You can seem to sit for hours, days, weeks at a time without much verbal communication. That looks real cool with two bulls sitting there. But like my dear old Dad used to say, “There can only be one bull in the pasture.” Makes for a bit of a problem.

As long as there is an understanding here, though, I’ve seen this one work. In fact, I’ve seen it work more times than not. The degree of understanding is important. That might be an important characteristic in every good relationship, but it’s really important here. Fortunately, most people with a strong Taurus chart can be very patient. And that’s going to be important here.
Understanding your target, understanding how that Taurus guy reacts to certain situations is often like looking at a mirror. And I can say from long personal experience, it’s hard to argue with the face in the mirror. In my case, he has counter for my every argument. That’s the only problem with this, really, it’s learning how to solve your problems together. Good luck. While some might look askance at this, I’ve seen Taurus plus Taurus work.


Gemini: Work with me on this one, my fine Taurus girl. Gemini is a fine specimen of humanity. Sometimes. Other times, you feel like you’ve got yourself a space alien. To be sure, that Gemini guy is certainly bright and entertaining, but consider the basic elemental construction of these two signs. You’re solid, like a rock. He’s not. You’re stable. He’s entertaining. Maybe not too stable, but fun. You’re soft and sensual. He’s soft and sensual. Wait, he was, now he’s not interested. Now he’s bored. Now he’s excited again. I hope you can follow what the problem might be.

Every hyperactive child needs a stabilizing influence in his life. The question you might want to ask yourself has to do with putting up with that Gemini guy for a long time. Remember how much fun he is? Be careful, because there’s a time, let’s say it’s like a Sunday morning when you just want to stay in that nice, warm bed a little longer. That’s the morning that the Gemini wants to get up early and tackle some big projects. You’ll also be dismayed to find out that the first project involves stripping the sheets off the bed so he can do the laundry.

His timing is impeccable. It’s the one day you can sleep late. It’s the one day when you can lounge around with no problems. This is an example, that Gemini bobbing up and done at the bedside, “C’mon, don’t you want to get up?”

Occasionally, I’ve seen this relationship combination successful over a long period of time. But what makes it work is the patience of the Taurus and her rock solid stability that serves to anchor that Gemini a little. In the better relationships, I also suspect that the good Taurus woman gets all her commitments from the Gemini guy in writing; that way he can’t dispute what he agreed to. “Oh, that’s right, you want to sleep in today….”


Cancer: This is one of the more sedate gathering of signs that I’ve observed. There’s an undercurrent to it, though, that seems to run deep. It’s like that spot on the river, where the bank is too steep approach from the land, maybe there’s a picturesque Willow tree overhanging the pool, but the water is moving fast and eddies back. This Deep Eddy is what this relationship is like.

It looks calm on the surface. Down deep, though, are some tremendous bottom feeders—catfish. If you don’t know anything about how good catfish tastes when it’s skinned and grilled, or rolled in some batter and fried, just take my word for it, it can be the finest of meals. Tasty fish food. The deal with a catfish is that he resembles, or his flavor resembles, the water that he’s feeding in. If you are starting with a basically clear fork of the river, then this catfish is wonderful, and this relationship is wonderful. If there’s been a lot of disturbances, though, there can be trouble—like the fish, he’ll taste like mud. Worse yet, if some garbage has been thrown into the river, or industrial waste, then this is also reflected in the flavor of the relationship.

While there is a certain affinity for each other, there is also the chance of trouble. Move carefully when you’re fishing for a Cancer catfish in this tributary. Make sure you check the upstream source before diving in with a Cancer.


Leo: This is another example of charts that shouldn’t work well together, but for some reason, they do. I can’t put my finger on just what it is. Perhaps it’s the idea that both signs are truly “the most stubborn sign” and that adds a degree of tenacity, which seems to be lacking, (if you believe the statistics) in most current relationships.

I’m certainly not a voyeur, but this would be interesting to watch, at some level, because of the passionate side of the Leo and the intensely erotic side of the Taurus. Without getting into graphic details, this just might be the glue that holds these two together. However, when examining the charts themselves, I see no reason why a decent Taurus woman and a Leo guy would be together. From watching several couple just like this, what I’ve seen is that the method for resolving differences is a finely tuned device. There is some quipping, a few sly comments, and then the reconciliation.
In the practical world, I still doubt that this works, but in the FGS laboratory, I’ve got more examples of this working than not. Perhaps it’s the human nature element at work here.


Virgo: This is a good get together of two earth signs. On more than one occasion, I’ve taken one look at this, and said, “You two deserve each other.”
(I’ve also been force–fed my words back to me, but I could say that about all relationships in one flavor or another.)

I still like this one because we’ve got two signs that compliment each other pretty well. But I have to warn you about the Virgo guy. He is not without a few faults. Okay, so Virgo’s are usually perfect. Perhaps I should just leave it at that. In this world, however, perfectionism doesn’t always add up. I’ve encountered one too many Virgo males who just doesn’t quite get it.

I’m reminded of failed relationship between two of this ilk, and there’s a funny story. The Taurus girl was in the process of breaking up with the Virgo guy, claiming he was too anal retentive about certain aspects of the relationship. You know how those Virgo guys can be. She concluded her speech about “just being friends, quit seeing each other” and all that other stuff, and then she asked him for a comment. He looked at here, the bright summer sun shining overhead, the idyllic park, the little creek burbling near by, and he made one comment. It was body function: flatulence. Of the loud and noxious variety.

To this day, I’m pretty sure they are still friends. But if the Taurus girl can’t abide with some of the typical Virgo characteristics found in the male of this species, she should move on. I will promise, though, that it’s not a typical relationship, and there are certain elements inherent in both of the signs that make this pretty good. The sensual Taurus can find some of the attention she craves in a Virgo.

On a star scale, this should get about three out of four stars. Not the very best but pretty good, and like I’ve often said, “You guys deserve each other.”


Libra: In this relationship, the glue is built on trust. The Libra has to trust to Taurus for stability, more than anything else. That doesn’t mean that every night you’re expected to be at home with dinner on the table at the precise hour—no Libra would abide by such ritual, besides, he would oftentimes be late. But there’s a degree wherein you have to have some sort of private ritual that you both adhere to. It’s not always the same. The fact — both signs are ruled by Venus — is good.

It’s different Venus that rules the fixed earth sign of Taurus when compared to the cardinal air Libra sign’s Venus. It might make you wonder if it is in fact the same ruling planet, but that’s where this relationship comes together. It’s built on love, and that’s the same planet, the Venus of love.

As goddesses go, though, Venus could be fickle and that’s where the stability of the Taurus comes into play. Rock steady. Won’t budge under the most dire of circumstances. “Built Ford tough,” to borrow from a truck marketing slogan. The other part of the Libra that requires some understanding is his ability to start something, and then wander off with the project half completed. He’s got other things on his mind right now, don’t hound him about the unfinished business. With a Libra male, there will always be some great schemes, plans and a few details left unattended. This is where there is always a degree of acceptance needed on the part of the Taurus. With that forgiveness, a coy shake of her head, a little bemused look, the Taurus lady can hitch up her skirts and carry on.
I’ll promise that you will always be entertained, just don’t take too much of what he says to heart. But you can trust him with your heart.


Scorpio: This is possibly one of the best or worst, depending on a few factors, combination. While I have one or two stunning examples of how it works well with Taurus girl and Scorpio guy, I also get many Taurus females who complain bitterly about the behavior characteristics that are endemic with Scorpio guys. Do a little research and find out what you are considering, when considering this union. Like I’ve suggested, I have a few cases where it’s a long–term, long–lasting combination. But I’ve also heard about how it blows up pretty bad, with much gnashing of teeth, and foul words at 20 paces. Lawyers, even, are called in.

When it works, it’s because the Taurus girl can recognize the smoldering sexuality of Mr. Mysterious. She accepts that, and doesn’t worry about the fact that he always seems to be up to something. She doesn’t let that thought trouble her serene Taurus tainted worldview. In some cases, she shrugs it off and writes it off as “male behavior.” Don’t forget that the Taurus herself is smoldering sensate of superior sensuality, therefore these two can find a common ground. That, and the opposition of Taurus and Scorpio can make for an instant attraction. In this case, when it works, the instant attraction never, ever fades.

But that isn’t always the case, and it does seem to be the exception to the rule. These are the two most fixed signs in the zodiac. Each one has a tenacious quality that never seems to go away. At all. Ever. Get over the idea that you are going to change each other. I’ve yet to find a Scorpio guy that changes willingly for his date. What seems to be the normal course of events is that this starts out as a torrid romance and then dissolves as the participants both have an impossible time advancing their own agendas. It usually involves some small disagreement that escalates into a full–time war. And no relationship should ever look like a war zone. Each side, both Taurus and Scorpio, in this case, grind their collective heels into the dirt and stand fast. It seems that there is small point of order, perhaps a principle rather than a real situation that causes the initial conflict. It just never seems to get any better.

Both signs are very stable, but if you ask either one, the other one is “a psychotic personality, obviously.” When it does work, it’s because there is some high degree of satisfaction and stability present. But when a person argues with a Taurus female or a Scorpio male, some one has to lose, and neither of these signs are willing to concede a point. When it’s good, it’s great. It will last forever. But if there is the slightest hint of dissatisfaction, get out while you still have one shred of your own human dignity left.


Sagittarius: Dear Taurus woman, what were you thinking? The wild and woolly Sagittarius lad is certainly exciting. In fact, you’re bound to find him sexy and alluring, and you would dearly love to tame his wild ways. That’s the problem. His wild ways, which you find so attractive, might not be subjugated so easily, and you might be biting off more than you can chew.

Those alluring traits, which look so good one night, might not be the best characteristics to seek in a long–term partnership. This is a merger that might not have all the merits of both the interested companies when they are separate and alone. You need to tread cautiously before embarking on this sort of a deal.

It’s not like you don’t appear tempting to him, either. You have that stable yet slightly wild look in your eyes, you have that “unknown” quality about yourself which suggests that he might be very interested. He wants to explore, and you’re just one more “unknown” he needs to find out about.

Is he interested? That’s a definite yes. Is going to last for a long time? That’s up to you. You have a very fine line, a certain balance point that you have to succeed in maintaining, and that is a real difficult proposition in the best of times, and an impossible takes under the worst of circumstances.

He likes his freedom, but he like the rock–solid anchor that you also seem to represent to him. Which why will he go? It depends on the phase of the Moon, the turning of the various whims of the wheel of fortune, and any number of intangible factors, which for your precious Taurus life, you might never get a firm grasp of.

The best advice is to hold him with loose rein, let him meander about like he always does. Don’t be afraid of his passion because that is certainly there. And don’t be upset if his passion ebbs and flows like the tide. He’s not moody, but he is easily distracted. As long as you understand that he moved by whims from time to time, you’ll do okay.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”


Capricorn: Dirt and dirt can go together like oil and water. Or they can form a more holy bond than most people experience in several lifetimes. And if you’re involved with a Capricorn guy, there is surely a degree of past life influence, a certain sense of destiny, and certain sense of trials and tribulations which might scare away a lesser sign, some female who isn’t a Taurus.

I’ve maintained for some time now that Cap guy doesn’t fully season until he’s hit a good 30 years of age. That’s when he’s on top of things, that’s when his ruling planet, the planet voted most likely to be associated with his sign, Saturn, has made a complete trip around his chart. Before that age, I wonder about these guys a little. They ain’t all there, if you know what I mean. But after that little trip through zodiac, he’s more than ready. Catch one before his Saturn Return, and he’s okay. Get one after that special astrological turning point, and he is wonderful.

The sun signs trine each other, and a trine is generally considered a very good angle between signs. See? I told you this could be good. Regrettably, though, there’s still a small problem with this one, and the Capricorn has this sense that there is some better part of fortune waiting for him, just over there. It’s not a Sagittarius wanderlust, and it’s not a Gemini inherent instability, it’s just a sort of reserved attitude. It’s not as reserved or even hidden, like a Scorpio, it’s just that, well, it’s just a sense of ennui that pervades his psyche from time to time.

On a good day, this man will be very entertaining. Good to look at, youthful, thoughtful, serious, and then there is that dry humor. As long as you adjust your delicate Taurus sensibilities to that self–deprecating humor, you’ll get along fine. He’s so serious some times, he needs that droll stuff to lighten up his load.

The physical attraction should be strong, but it’s less along the lines of fireworks, and more along the lines of Tantric Yoga. Know what that stuff is? Perhaps you are the one to introduce him to this subject. Few signs have the raw physical stamina to keep up with a Taurus. A Cap guy has what it takes to make you real happy.


Aquarius: Sometimes, there is a strong appeal between two signs. In this case, it’s that age–old (instead of age of) Aquarius appeal going for you. When Fixed signs attract each other, there is usually a gentle form rivalry going on, some competitive edge is working. An Aquarius guy is good for that. There’s just one little thing about Taurus girl that bothers him. See, it seems that all of you Taurus girls, at one time or another, seem to emote. Just a fact of life. And while that Aquarius guy has a good understanding of the words you are using, the proper evocation of feelings just doesn’t make into his Aquarius heart.

I have it on good authority, from an Aquarius medical doctor who looked at me, that this heart thing does exist, as a real organ, in all Aquarius males. He was sure of it. I think he was a blood doctor, but I don’t recall off hand. Oh yes, they all have a pump that circulates the blood fluids through the body.

That’s not the kind of heart I was referring to, and that brings up the hard point with Mr. Aquarius in this situation. Of course, he’s going to call it a situation rather than call it a “relationship” because “the term relationship has both denotative and connotative qualities,” and then he goes off on a rant about the language and winds up talking about Middle English Prosody. Sooner or later, his intellectually stimulating lectures and fine command of the language are going to wear you down. Maybe even wear you out, and it’s hard to wear out a Taurus girl [I should know].
What are you going to do? I suggest enjoying the Aquarius person for what he is. He’s entertaining, he can increase your vocabulary, and on some cold, winter nights, he can scratch that itch that no one else can get to. But don’t plan on him being a cuddle bunny later—that’s not his nature. So enjoy his company for what it is, but understand he’s got a special yen for freedom that is more symbolic than anything else, and this urge can get in the way of your sense of domesticity.


Pisces: Oh dear. Have you landed yourself a Pisces male? Then get prepared for a relationship which will be a lot of fun, but it will be equally frustrating because the Pisces male that you’ve got your hands on has a rather fluid sense of justice and morals which can be quite porous.

The fish analogy works really well here because he is very hard to hold on to. You never know which way he is going to turn. The advantage is that the Pisces guy can keep up with that Taurus sensual side and never miss a beat. That much he’s good for. Other things? Like taking out the trash or mowing the lawn? Find another sign.

The Pisces male will love you with all his heart and soul, and he has great depths in his soul, which the Taurus can only get a glimpse of. That’s where the fun really starts because a relationship like this can feel like it soars on many planes, astral planes, physical planes, jet planes, biplanes, you name it. The problem here is that the Taurus girl wants some sense of stability, and the Pisces guy finds most of his sense of stability in the spiritual side of life. Belief systems are great, but unless one is really adept at magic, solid belief systems usually fail to put bread on the table.