Horoscopes for 4-29-2021

Horoscopes for 4-29-2021

If man himself be subject to such ruin,
How shall his garment, then, or the loose points
That tie respect unto his awful place,
Avoid destruction?

Roper in Shakespeare’s Sir Thomas More 4.4.46-50


TaurusNot sure where this started, but when did a triangle, ostensibly pointing to the right, when did that become a universal “play” symbol? Just about any device, and frequently on the digital version, too, the, usually, an isosceles triangle, with its focal point being to the right, that indicates “play.” Sometimes it says that, underneath it, but frequently, just the triangular button, with its right-handed orientation, typically, isn’t that just about as universal a symbol as need be? Seems like everyone knows what it means, correct?

“Hit the ‘play’ button, would you?”

Look for the little triangle. Subsidiary to this Taurus meditation, there’s the buttons on either side, a triangle with two bars, either ‘fast forward” or “skip backwards,” and usually a stop button and a pause button. Sometimes, those two are similar, if not the same. You’re looking for a personal “play” button. That Taurus indication of start. For me, I would simply look for that triangular-shaped “play” button, it’s an almost universal symbol, known to all, no language skills required. Taurus: birthday time — hit the play button; you know what it looks like.


Relationships are not all ‘sweetness and light,’ no, not all the time. Some are, but most relationships have an ebb and flow, tides for those of us who’ve been coastal recently, and gentle susurrations in the rhythm of the relationship. Babysitting one of my buddies during his rough a romantic upheaval in the last few days, it all suddenly got better. “Man, she started making sense again.”

Roll your eyes, because no verbal cue would work well. What it was, my buddy got around to listening instead of telling, and that’s when his significant other started to make sense — again. There’s a message here. His spouse, not a Gemini, but certainly Gemini-compliant, she waited until there was just the smallest lull in the patter, and she broke in with relevant information that pertained to the situation unfolding.

What really happened?
My buddy started to listen.

There’s a clear, non-metaphor message for Gemini: listen to the other people. You can talk, text, or e-mail, at a later point, like next week. For now? Listen.

“I heard what she had to say, and suddenly, we’re good again.”


Pick a destination.

For me, I looked at a paper map, and started letting my mind explore some of the possibilities, guessing at mileage. While I’d love to travel further, just local is easier and provides a wealth of entertainment. I’m not looking for much, just a little bit of time away from here. So the idea is to let the crab-like claws, your fingers, look for a destination and then find a way to get there from here. Let your mind soar. Personally, this is rather dated, but I prefer the old paper maps that were produced in the last 50 years or so. More interesting, and the material, I’ve got one that suggests Austin has less than a half-million people in its area. Fun stuff. Wildly inaccurate, but that’s part of this process, and part of this week’s voyage.

Starts with a simple gesture; pick a destination.

The Leo

Bit of chore when I get an ear worm quite stuck in my head, and I can’t find a proper source. “He who sups with the the devil needs a long spoon.” Or something like that. The quote, of course, refers to using the proverbial ten-foot pole, as in, “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole,” and quite possibly is the source of that quote’s origins.

There comes a time when we all have to sit own and do business with disagreeable sorts. “Oh, he’s the very devil incarnate…” (to quote both Bubba and Shakespeare.) The Leo is going to find him or her self across the table from some disagreeable characters. People you wouldn’t normally hang around? Characters who lie, cheat, and steal? Perhaps it’s a person who tells you you’re nice to your face and badmouths you behind your back. Look, Leo dear, you’re going to have to come to the table and dine, discuss, or otherwise negotiate with these disreputable folks. Has to be done. My suggestion? Use a long spoon.


I’ve worked with a variety of charting mechanisms over the years. From hand-calculated, hand-drawn charts, to simply observation of the night’s sky through various astrology and astrological computer programs that display the various data points I prefer? I’ve been through a number of ways for looking at this material. One interesting woman showed up with a cardboard-backed version of her own chart, and then, super-imposed around the outside, there were tiny stick-pins, with yarn stretched between the outer pins and the natal locations in the center. Rather interesting arrangement. Cool way to visualize what was where, and while dated, it worked to show the connections, with different colored string used to indicate waxing, waning, pejorative, and inclining angles. Brought a new idea to my head, and when I was looking at my version of your Virgo chart, I was thinking about those various colors of string, the yarn that knits together the Virgo life. Lots of good stuff going on, but you have to engage it to make it work. Pull on the strings, pull on the frayed threads, pull on that tattered remnant; see what happens. Have to take some action to have something happen. Pull on those frayed threads.


Current neighborhood where I live? There are large number of free-range wildlife, deer, to be precise. Large, graceful creatures, fun to watch and wonderful as pets. Not really pets, but anything green, or plant-like, below about five feet? Gets taste-tested by the deer. Means I can’t grow a garden, or anything else that might be munched on by the critters, not in the front yard, not in the backyard. No where, no how. Deer might eat it. They do, in fact, other than certain plants that the deer know are not digestible.

As far as a food source themselves, the deer mostly eat bitter acorns, so no, not a good source of venison — besides it being illegal to kill a deer within the city limits. Bitter meat — so I’ve been told by my less than worrisome redneck friends. The deer help shape what I do and don’t grow as part of my own garden attempts. I’m very much “Darwinian” in my approach, if it survives, I’ll let it grow. I think of it like “Natural Selection,” but it really is shaped by the environment. Patterns of rainfall, and what the animals eat.

Libra can pay attention to my way of letting the current environment shape goals, directions, and plans. Plans for plants? What might get eaten, what will survive, and what can get by with benign neglect? That’s the starting point, and it’s about letting the current Libra environment shape your decisions.


As a Scorpio? You can face this one of two ways. You can be supremely unhappy, discomfited, as situations have spun all out of control, or you can gently acquiesce, and let the other people in control take care of the situation. This is not an issue for most people, but when that Scorpio urgency to step in and make it better, when that need arises? Might want to squash that desire. “But I need to make this right!” No, you want to make it right for yourself, but everything else is being taken care of, albeit, not the style you want, not how you’d do it, not in your fashion or taste. Yeah, I know, not the way it should be done, but if you’ll just shut-it for one moment? Look? See? It’s happening. Everything is working out, and all will be well, but you must resist that innate sense that your own meddling would fix that faster, better, more glamorously. Resist the temptation to meddle as the energies from Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn all provide pressure. That incessant need to meddle with what’s happening? Doesn’t bode well, not for Scorpio.


Old buddy showed up. Ain’t seen him in a month of Sundays, for sure. He was always a sharp dressed-man, but now, more so. He had this little trick, though, and he’s been at this for years and years, wherein he dresses well, but he does so on the cheap. Unlike me, I’m just shoddily attired. Part of it comes from his ability to see steals and bargains where no one else finds them, thrift shops, second-hand stores, charity sales. He also stumbles through garage sales, and that adds to the deal.

His secret, and the secret for some Sagittarius success? Careful selection of material, careful combination of colors, and cautious use of bright colors. Helps that he’s an off-the-rack common size. His message, though, what he taught me, years ago, and what still holds true, and now, moving forward, is even more important?

“It’s not what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it.”

$2 for the dress slacks, but cleaned up and pressed, ironed, maybe? I don’t know, something. Looks like a sharp-dressed man. After working that skill-set for a few years, it got to where he was better at it. Still has “it.” It’s not what one has on, but how one presents himself (herself — whatever), and for Sagittarius? That’s an important distinction.


I have a long line of books that bring me joy. Maybe a half-dozen authors, total. One is a Capricorn, matter of fact, and his shelf, or books by that author, on a shelf, I’ve got more than 6 running board-feet of his books. Do those books bring me joy? In a simple word, yes. For one, it’s a pretty complete collection, for two, the cover art is nice, and for three, the arc of the stories also follow character development over a series of years, the characters age and grow. Despite having the books themselves as physical objects, I started using the local library for digital copies, as those are easier for me to read. Still, the complete collection brings me joy, part of it is pride, part of it is inbred “Librarian” tendencies, and part it is a background on how I was first introduced to the author’s work. Some of it might even have been from scouring the used books bookstores to find missing copies in the collection. “Borrowers of books are frequently crooks.” But — to me — this is a simple example of a collection, items, tangible stuff, merely books, but still, books that I like and bring me joy. There isn’t much left in my world that does bring me great joy, but something like that, now, Capricorn, when you look at it, when you feel the binding, the gold-foil lettering, the acid-free paper that never yellows, does this bring a certain sense of accomplishment, nay, even joy? Means you’re allowed.


Yeah, “penultimate.” Look that one up, it’s another word that means one thing; it’s definition is “next to the last thing in the list.” Means one thing, but when used? Tends to be misused as the “the ultimate-ultimate.” In this week’s look at Aquarius, though, the real meaning of the term “penultimate” works and works well. Jupiter is at the late stages of exiting Aquarius, and then tends to excite — or exacerbate — the conditions. Sort of depends on the individual chart, and what you got that’s dealing with Saturn, and how you’re dealing with that, then, the Jupiter with his wretched excess, and pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing for more-more-more. More. It’s a temporary, tentative wrap to the situation, but careful about just assuming that “all is good,” and “this will work out.” It will work out, but there’s still a certain kind of effort required by the The Water Bearer’s sign to make this work the way it is supposed to work. “Penultimate.” Not the “Ultimate,” but the one right next to.


No one likes to “Go it alone,” and especially not the current Pisces material. However, that’s kind of a simple, straightforward message at the moment.

“‘Go it alone,’ that’s all you got?”

Pretty much.

As a side note, though, this is en exceptional time for a little bit of Lonely Pisces effort. You will — eventually — be well-rewarded. Soon. No, I mean really soon. Seen this before, and you’ve got accidental good luck. To make this work best? Can you see where I’m taking this one? Simplest of suggestions has miraculous yields for your Pisces self, as long as you undertake this alone. So, as much as you would like to enlist the help of others, there’s a point where no one is better capable of handling this material other than yourself, and you might be best served if you did this alone.

“Go it alone, eh?” All I got at the moment. Stasis and stationary, otherwise.


E-mailAs of this writing, I have yet to see “Shakespeare’s” play, Sir Thomas More. When I was commuting to Austin, I did get a chance to listen to it performed, as an audio-book, or a staged dramatic reading, all the way through. Can’t say I recall much, but I was, at the time, trying to navigate a freeway and that’s not an easy situation for taking notes. I’m still waiting on my flying car, too. So did Shakespeare really write all the Shakespeare plays? What does this question have to do with your stars and the Aries week, weeks ahead? We can get all bogged down in useless details, or we can go with the most commonly accepted understanding. Instead of arguing the details, just for now, the works attributed to Shakespeare, whatever that stands at the moment? Instead of getting into an infinite, infant-like regression of technical analysis, the quickest way forward? Look at the most commonly accepted material. Doesn’t have to be the best, of the most rigorously tested, just the material that has the widest acceptance. Makes it much easier for you.

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