Horoscopes for 6-10-2021

Horoscopes for 6-10-2021

Contemptuous villains, call ye now for truce?
Mine ears are stopped against your bootless cries:—
Sound, drums alarum; draw threatening swords!

    Edward 3 in Shakespeare’s Edward III 5.1.9-11

Eclipse action: Jun 10, 2021 10:41 GMT/5:41 CDT Annular Sun/Moon 19° Gemini, and that means?


Gemini For more than a year, this was a while back, as mercurial memories re-surface, I was a designated driver for a kid with a medical thing, and valid blue handicap hanger. The good parking. Legal, up front. Stop and get the wheelchair out, listen to the grumbling. During that period, I never used the proffered-placard inappropriately. Never used it to dash into the store when the patient wasn’t with me, never used it snag great parking to enhance convenience. Just not in a my nature, and that whole “karma” thing, never used it when it would make life easier, because I was only supposed to use it when dragging that kid around. I get it. So in the dream sequence, what amuses me greatly, I was still driving that kid’s car, with its blue handicap hanger, and I pulled into a handicap spot, in front of a store, got out, and started walking across the hot tarmac. As soon as I got out of the truck, though, a cop started walking towards me. Realizing that I was in “handicap” spot, but if I pulled down the blues hanger, it would be legal, I smiled at the cop, then I backtracked, got in, and moved the vehicle. The thought process I woke up with, don’t own that vehicle anymore, rarely see the kid, and I would never, in my waking moments, park in a handicap spot without a valid reason and a blue hanger. The part I recall easiest? That idea of backtracking. What I was doing, in the dream, taking advantage of a situation that bordered on legal, but I hadn’t deployed then displayed the blue hanger, but I could’ve. I woke up and this was a few days go, so I thought about the eclipse, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, and everything else this week brings. Don’t. Even though, like the dream sequence, I could’ve made it legal by whipping out the blue hanger? I just moved the truck. Easier. Gemini: yes, you can get away with it, but do you really want to?


The Crab - the MoonchildThere’s a certain kind of “fishing etiquette” I try and observe. Coast, lake, doesn’t much matter, wherever? At the coast, the long arm of a bay, like a bony finger pointing inland, up the lengthy slough, great place to fish, like, just a few weeks ago. There were three, maybe four boats up there, with a distance of more than a hundred yards between each. Some kid comes blasting across the bay, and doesn’t slow down when he enters the channel, eventually causing waves. Grumbling amongst the peers. Seen this on a lake, too, few weeks back, kids in a big bass boat barreling up to a spot, coming in hot and with the throttle wide open. Wakes washes and chases the rest of us already parked there. Pictures on the web someplace, I’m sure, but the disruption?

It’s an etiquette thing. It’s a fisher person social etiquette, on the water. Don’t cause waves when a more gentle approach is better. Not that we can’t cause great waves, and not that it isn’t amusing, and one guy, he used to “donut” to get out of a spot on the bay, spin the boat in circle at speed and then launch like a yo-yo coming off its string. He always figured it got the boat up on its plane before rocketing across the bay’s surface. Back to the notion of etiquette? He would only rocket off if there was no other boats, ok, if I was there, he would do it and smirk, but he wouldn’t do it if other boats would be inconvenienced by the waves and wake. Boating, fishing etiquette. Cancer, gentle Moon Children, associated with time and tides? That emotional water element? Don’t make waves, or, as some might suggest, “Observe fishing etiquette.”

The Leo

The LeoMars enters the best fixed fire sign, Leo on June 12. Until then? Even after, but certainly until then? There’s a certain impatience that’s freely floating through your sign. It’s a sense that everyone else needs to hurry up, and then, that no one seems to hurry in a manner that would be best for your Leo self. Best example is the old rube about the line. “The other lines moves faster,” as it’s often been observed, and I once made that comment in earshot of a lovely young cashier. She snapped at me, “No, my line moves faster.” Did I mention she was, at it turns out, The Leo? See how I managed in a cute, innocuous expression of a universal truth, see how I managed to alienate and irritate several people, all at one? It’s Mars, and he’s the culprit, and best if you figure out how to work with this energy, because, yes, you’re more of everything right now.


VirgoThere’s a certain level of frustration I get when I have to call into a big company, and get something corrected. Usually, this is most common, as an error in billing. Wherein I’m charged for something that I didn’t order, or I’m trying to cancel a service, and the funniest one, “If you log into our website, you can take care of this quicker…” If I could log into the website, I wouldn’t be calling.

Feel my pain?

It’s a special level of frustration, certainly a first world issue, and certainly a problem that only occurs with gentry. Maybe not exactly my people, but close. As a Virgo, though, you understand because most of you are willing to read all the fine print. You grasp the finer details of what’s going on, and, on those long calls with tech support, or customer service, or whatever? You’re willing to work through the problems to arrive at an equitable solution. Takes time, patience, and I tend to favor a calming tea, mint, lavender, no caffeine. Makes it easier to listen to the insipid music. Makes it easier to stay calm when some person with an anglo-sounding name, but clearly foreign accent takes the call from a call center, maybe not even in the continental US. Stay calm and keep pressing forward. Virgo will get there, but it might take some time.


Libra An honest assessment of where one is at, at any given time? That surely helps. The problem we’re facing, you as a Libra, and me as the Libra-compliant astrologer? The chore is to get that as an honest assessment of the situation rather than the situation that is colored, shaded, or “spun” in one direction, or another. Look: I’m not the one ask for unbiased opinion. I’m affected by my own choices, decisions, and matters that might sway me, and then direct me to suggest to you, material that is obviously in my own, enlightened, best interest, as much as it might also be good for Libra. See how that works? I have a strong suspicion that you’re not going to get an unbiased answer from anyone except yourself, and even then, it might be leaning one direction or another. Maybe. Maybe not. Might see it the way you want to see, but all I’m suggesting, next couple of days, make an effort to see it as unbiassed as possible. Or, if you are biased, like I obviously am? At least consider that was part of the way to weight the situation before you decide, one way or another.


ScorpioI passed a truck in a ditch the other afternoon. I was running through the countryside, headed “To see a feller about a dog,” which means I was going to visit an acquaintance in the countryside because there was some perception of commerce. Off to one side, in the bar ditch, there was a concentration of pick-up trucks, one on the shoulder, one dug into the ditch and one alongside the ditch. The guy in the ditch would yell something, the driver of the mired truck would hit the gas, the back wheels would spin, truck’s body would shudder a little, and the truck seemed to dig itself deeper in the sandy loam. I slowed, waved, and one driver waved me past, so I didn’t stop. As an impartial and bemused observer? The stuck truck probably has a hook on the front of its frame where the winch from the second truck could easily pull that first truck out, but then, maybe that’s too simple. Maybe them boys were too hung-over. But maybe? That stuck truck made me think of Scorpio, and I’ll suggest as soon as you quit spinning your wheels, the sooner a friend can help pull you out of the mud. The ditch. Whatever you’re stuck in? Quit digging it deeper and making it worse — looks like you’re spinning your wheels, just digging in deeper.


SagittariusI started with a paper calendar, appointment book. That was my earliest recollection, living — and dying — by the appointment book. I found, for my style, that a paper “month” worked best. There was room for a couple of appointments, fishing dates, workshops, publishing deadlines, just enough space for that. In pencil. That “month at a glance” style worked well for me. Just enough data that I could easily plan, navigate, and organize. Maybe 25 years ago, I switched to an electronic form, and I toyed with several different kinds of software, over the years. The basic format that suits me is still the “month at a glance” style. However, I’ve been electric — digital — for the duration. So the idea comes up and I had to bounce back to the idea of a notebook, of some sort, to keep up with my own life. It’s a personal choice, the paper notebook, and it turned out to be an asset. I keep minimal handwritten notes. There might be glyph for a planet, or an astrological sign, a date, a phone number for tech support that I have no intention of ever calling again, and my quick symbol for coffee. The paper notebook allows me to keep on track and in uncertain times, like now, I need something to help me focus. It’s not a calendar, it’s not an appointment book, it’s not a daily diary, but it is a way to check in with myself, and stay marginally focused with my notes. Taking time to write down a single goal for the day, with no Sagittarius expectations outside of that written note? That’s the secret ingredient for Sagittarius success.


e-mailTiers. Layers, levels, or, still, in my mind, “tiers.” There are levels of understanding, levels of accomplishment, levels of learning, and certainly there’s a tiered way to approach the coming days. “It’s the end times, right?” Oh, hardly. But the various tiers are the quickest, easiest way to take steps forward despite the onerous Mercury in Retrograde situations. Each level represents a step forward, a step up, a passage that is closer to the stated Capricorn destination. That Capricorn goal for the next few days? Given that the planets are in horrendous, evil, even malignant conditions? Given that knowledge, the best way is to step up a little at a time. Trying to surmount that obstacle in a single leap. Not going to work. Too far, too high, too distant a goal, but breaking it down to a certain kind of tiered access, that helps. Little bit. Think in terms of tiered access, and think in terms of going one easy level at a time, not all at once. “People are nuts today.” You think?


AquariusOne of the simplest installations I’ve ever done? perhaps I should start with the idea that I am no longer a handyman. I don’t work with tools, certainly, no power tools. If it doesn’t have a keyboard or fishing reel, then I probably will make no effort to operate the device. A person should respect his or her limits. So this installation was a small piece of wood, part of a board that was abandoned by a carpenter, perhaps in the last decade, when someone else was doing to something construction-wise. Just a scrap of lumber. I had an electronic add-on thing, and I got out a screwdriver, I can operate one of those, and I screwed the add-on into the wood scrap. I mounted the device. That added weight, heft, and made it more stable when I started plugging wires into the thing, so it didn’t drift away. Couple of pointers here — first off, it was simple, just screw a sheet-metal screw into the soft scrap wood. Secondly, this is something that remains hidden, goes behind a computer case where no one will see it. Finally, the wood base makes it more solid so wires in and out don’t stray. Simplest installation, one I can — and did — accomplish. As Aqiuarius moves forward, a simple installation that remains hidden from sight? Can make much of the next week easier.


PiscesBuddy gave me a cactus clipping. Piece of a cactus, allegedly, this is holy cactus of some kind, and I just planted it, let it go. Cactus is well within my gardening methods, sometimes I water the plants, and sometimes I don’t. The cactus, though, I can’t identify it, but he was telling me, take the flower, make a tea out of it, drink the tea, get violently nauseated, possibly ill, then experience some mild — either euphoric or hallucinatory — images, and that this was a native spirit cactus. He explained it was like Peyote, just not nearly as strong, and in too large a dose, possibly damaging, doubtful it was fatal, but not a pleasant experience. To me? This is a pretty plant I can leave to grow. Native, or allegedly native, and interesting history, but not anything I plan to consume. One Pisces I know? She’d offer to go and take a bite of the cactus, just for the chance of a buzz. Always chasing enlightenment, and plant-based makes it better, right? Not my thing. But about this one cactus? Violently ill, for mild hallucinations? Does the possible enlightenment weigh against that nausea, vomiting, and who knows what else? Before you jump, Pisces, before you leap, or, in this case take a bite of the cactus? Think about that effects and does the discomfort measure up to potential of the mild effects?


AriesI’ve been building and selling online since — a rather long period of time. I’ve been part of “virtual communities” from before the current era. I’ve sat and watched as numerous administrations have wrestled with the way to approach these virtual communities, and how to best handle the various groups. Essays, white papers, workshops, and countless books are out there, covering this topic. What it amounts to though, in my undervalued opinion? Each group is going to be a little different and has to be handled in its own way. There is no one size fits all scenario that will lay out all the plans to keep an online community tightly knit. Or organized. Or even moving in a coherent direction. Part of this stems from the nature of people themselves, and the overwrought phrase?

“It’s like heralding cats.”

Which is not fair, cats can be motivated to work towards a goal, be that food, play, or sleep. Rules, always, guidelines and the way commerce itself is transacted? Certain situations are — just about every instance that Aries encounters? There is no, one pat answer that will fix it. Each issue is individual and each issue has its own answer. Mercury in Retrograde demands that each question have its own, Aries-inspired essay question with a separate answer. One size does not fit all. Not now.


e-mail Nothing like a battle cry — Edward III’s battle cry, to start the week off? Think of Shakespeare’s Edward III as a play Shakespeare was a co-author on, or one of those where Shakespeare’s name got attached to the project to move it forward. The supporting facts are tenuous, at best, and given where the planets are at this time, especially with currently unfolding Mercury in Retrograde along with its associated confusion? Facts are tenuous at best. Think but that, “Facts are tenuous at best,” and then the rest of the situation is more clear. It’s less clear, but it appears tp be more clear because, as the good Taurus that you are, the understanding that the facts are none too clear at this moment makes it much easier to proceed forward, or not, as the situation suggests. Or?

“Sound, drums alarum; draw threatening swords!”

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