Horoscopes for 6.7.2022

“Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?”
ROS. (as GAN.) in Shakespeare’s As You Like It (IV.i.48)

Horoscopes for 6.7.2022


Gemini Ever see one of those “Cars for a cause?” While not limited to old Austin, that used to be the most frequent location, although, my sister in Northern Cal. had one wagon like that, the back glass was useless as it was covered with everything from “Save the Seals,” to a Texas flag emblazoned with a single word, “Secede.” Not sure if that was the right message in Northern Cali., but, whatever, dude. Usually, there’s a mess of mostly left-leaning, occasionally anarchist type messages, along with rainbow colors, all in a variety of formats. I tend to grin, as individually, just about any single message on the back of that vehicle is something I agree with, morally, emotionally, politically. Usually. Save the planet, beaches, waterways, desert, all of that. The problem, and this is a very Gemini birthday issue, that message? Individually? It gets lost. The whole back of the car, not just the bumper, but the tailgate, trunk, all the way up to the roofline, covered in well-meaning messages. But that also means, the single message that Gemini wants to get across? That’s lost in the noise. While I agree with the various causes, stick to a single message, that leaves the single message clear, not diluted. Pick one bumper sticker for this week. One.


There are few “set pieces” in my work. However, I tend to let the current conditions dictate where readings go, what takes place. In another forum I once remarked, think I stole it, but I once remarked that “I just open my mouth and see what falls out.” Honestly? It’s what happens. I can’t arrive at a reading with too many preconceived notions. No two people are alike. Each one must be dealt with individually. That’s been my experience. You mileage may vary, as they say.

The Full Moon, and everything else, this offers a rare opportunity for Moon Children, the delicate Cancer components to approach an existing “situation” with a different perspective. That helps. That helps, like, a lot. There might be no change, whatsoever. But a new look at the old problem, even if no change is indicated, contrary-indicated, implied, inferred, or other wise dreamt of? Just approaching the situation from a substantially different position might, should, come up with better results for Cancer. Or maybe, not touching anything, just looking from a different point of view? That works, too.

The Leo

I’m Sagittarius, certainly not as regal as The Leo. Not a drop of Leo in me. Love, well-nigh on worship, The Leo, but none in me. However? Between the Full Moon and the other influences, notably Taurus, but more fun, the Aries stuff?I like a multifaceted approach. I’ll try two, three, maybe four or five ways to get from where I am to where I want to be. Works for me. My multifaceted approach — appealing that it might be — doesn’t yield good Leo solutions. The good Leo solutions are much simpler. A single track, a single approach, a single solution to the problem, a single route to the destination, dogged determination has a much better result. Seems like you’re being a little stubborn, and you might be, but that tenacious ability to pursue that single goal, that majestic Leo destination? That tenacity is what pays off. There’s going to be some distractions. Don’t let the little diversions take your focus off what’s most important, that first stated goal.


I can always get away with the idea that I was swept up in the passion of the moment. That I can sell. However, as a duly appointed Virgo, can you sell that idea? Better question, can you use it as an excuse? I can sell it. I doubt that your good Virgo self can sell that, “It was a spur of the moment, you know, looked really good at the time,” kind of a deal. Doubt anyone would believe you. Therein is the problem. Also, the answer, or the question you can ask, “Would I believe me if I said, I was moved by passion at the moment? Do I sound like a reliable witness?” While usually more than credible, in this situation, the Virgo protestations of innocence might not be as effective as we would like. I understand. I get swept up in the moment, all the time. While I adore Virgo, I’m not one, so I can’t say, not for sure, but I doubt that it would fly as either an excuse or validation for some sketchy choices.

“Methinks the astrologer doth protest too much.”


Ever fish in the rain? I have. Don’t really like it, but times being what they were, it was an opportunity, and in the summer, the rains are either quick and violent, lashing wind, angry skies, and the rolling thunder, or the rains are the gentle, hardly more than a mist. That would be my favorite for fishing, the gentle rains. A single, broad-brimmed hat, a long-sleeve fishing shirt, and I’m good. Even when the rain stops, it’s so humid and muggy, there’s hardly any discernible difference. I’m hoping that this week brings those gentle rains, as there is going to be a planetary disruption — Mars and Jupiter — to the flow in Libra land. Be prepared. Take a rain coat. Better yet, one of my floppy, broad-brimmed fishing hat. Doesn’t look good, but it works.


Anymore, I rarely buy books. I adore the local bookstores, and anytime I’m in an independent one, I endeavor to spend some money, helping keep the place afloat, but the pandemic gave way to a voracious digital reading habit, so I read mostly novels on a tablet or similar e-reader. There is one author, probably more, but certainly one, I’ll buy his latest epic in hardback format, each purchase goes to climb the bestseller lists, but thus far, I’ve never been let down. However, I long discovered that the author’s books are heavier and more awkward than my tablet. Buy the book, but get the digital copy for reading, and here’s the kicker, the first time. Over the years, I’ve reread parts of that canon of work, and I’ve used each of the books, at least twice. To me, in a Scorpio mindset, that justifies the expense. Use twice? Worth buying.


I tend to go back through the last few weeks’ worth of material, and check it all again. At the very end of this horoscope’s scope, Mercury slips back into Gemini. Until then, though? Time to go over what we went over, just to double-check that crap we already looked over before. Convoluted? Yes. Confusing? Yes. Committed to perfection? Maybe not so much, but the idea, the ideas, there’s a little bit of material that needs to be covered yet again — especially for that special Sagittarius. The immediate image? I was thinking of the little Zen-garden filled with mostly pristine sand, and then raking over where we have raked before. For those of us who have owned a cat or two, that Zen-garden, to the feline set, looks like a spare litter box. So raking over the previous pristine sand? Until Mercury shifts, that image of the cat, the Zen-garden, and what naturally follows? Can’t say you weren’t warned, but it doesn’t hurt us one little bit to go over that material. Again.


Years and year ago, I tried the expression “Boutique Horoscopes.” Didn’t fly. Didn’t catch on. Didn’t even raise a single eyebrow. Since then, I’ve tried “artisan,” which, like the term “boutique” really does capture what the essence is, and along with that? I like the term “oracle.” Noted elsewhere, the oracle at Delphi? The High Priestess would get high then channel out a message. Sometimes arcane sometimes pure poetry and sometimes, just a mess. Perhaps no more than the ranting and ravings of stoned person? I tend to carefully examine astrology charts, but that’s me. What comes out, though, is carefully tuned towards a single destination. Not always successful, but I’ve been at this a while, and I’ll keep after it. The names and labels I’ve tried keep changing and none of them seem to stick. What has stuck? What I turn out. Despite my abysmal failures at naming what I do? Despite the way no one ever “saluted” the various titles I tried on? Despite that, it stays popular in this format. So what this means for Capricorn? We don’t no what to name it, but we do know that you can keep doing it.


I have to remind myself that I’ve seen this before. I have to recall that this is not a new scenario, and history repeats itself. I have to remind me that this onerous burden of time is no more than a blink of an eye, and we must, no matter what seemingly insurmountable odds, keep moving ourselves forward. Besides, think back, you’ve seen this before. It’s all a repeat. The terribly analog version of an audio tape, magnetically encoded sound transferred to a magnetic audio tape substructure? The pause, the rewind, the hitting the play button over and over, then pause, rewind, hitting the play button again. You’ve seen this before, dear Aquarius, and so have I. What was learned? I know, from my own history, small, serious steps forward, tiny steps, more like a diminutive shuffle, just barely sliding forward? That works. We know this because, we’ve seen this before.


I’ve quit trying to keep on top of every technological advance. There is a new gizmo, new bauble, new device that will do this or that, and I don’t need, or even want, this or that diddled with. So I’ve dropped out of the technology race. However, me being who I am, I do have a feeder reader that scans the latest technology headlines. I like an opportunity to be informed about latest piece of technology that does this or that, even if I have no plans to use it. I don’t need to know the specifics of how it operates, but now that there is one that does this or that, I would like to understand the technology behind it. I don’t have to see a blueprint,or an exploded diagram, just a casual explanation and understanding how the pieces connect to make this or that happen. There exists, inside every Pisces an inner technologist who wants that latest thing that does this or that. Maybe scan the articles and reviews, see if you can understand how it works, first.


Know what I miss? Bottles of wine. I’m not much of a drinking man, these days. Haven’t been for a while. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good, sexy dive bar, but I tend to not consume alcoholic beverages while in such an institution. Just my current style. But you know what I miss? Bottles of wine. I used to get bottles of wine as gifts, and in some cases, rather respectable vintages. I would, in turn, re-gift those bottles, and I was amazed at how receptive some friends were. One time I got a bottle of exceedingly nice rum, again, turned over to a friend who appreciates the fine, sipping, like a smooth cognac, someone who can appreciate the quality. Expensive liquor, fine wine, just OK wine, didn’t much matter. I would reuse that gift and make sure that the beverage was most appreciated. That’s what this next few days is about, getting an item, a gift, something like a nice bottle of wine that was given to me? Let that find the appropriate home. Wine? I had a “brother,” fellow November Sagittarius, used to give him all the wine I got. He was the expert. While I miss the bottles just a little? Couple of my buddies miss them a lot. Aries, what’s missing?


While it’s not a Shakespeare Quote I would recycle, there’s a option contained within about the theory of “10,000 Hours.” The premise, unverified, suggests that repeating a process, practicing an exercise, doing some action, repeatedly, for at least 10,000 hours makes that practiced exercise a skill. Takes that long to hone a skill to “expert level.” Again, this from popular fiction sources, but as a single destination, sure, it is easy to understand. Whether it is playing a piano, building a carpentry project, or some other skill set like casting with a bait caster? Time. Time, repetition, and practice. Repeating the steps of a task, over and over builds muscle memory and allows for tiny improvements to be made. “Experience is by industry achiev’d/And perfected by the swift course of time,” Two Gentlemen of Verona (1.iii.21-3). The other expression? “Lather, rinse, repeat.”

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