Horoscopes for 7-7-2022

“The wheel is come full circle, I am here.”
Edmund in King Lear 5.3.171

Horoscopes for 7-7-2022

The Moon is Full July 13, 3:18 PM. 22°25’ Cancer/Capricorn.


The Crab - the Moonchild Much needed summer rain, rained hard, creeks were swollen and muddied the lake’s water. The correct term is “stained,” but I never liked that term. Muddied. Numerous soil samples as suspended particulate matter in the water. To some, this is tough fishing. Played correctly, though, and it can be fun. In the muddy water, the fish react to motion, and “smell,” which is really more than just olfactory for the fish. The water carries the sense of motion, and the right bait, if it moves, shakes, rattles, or rolls? That catches the fish’s attention. Now, Moon Children, Cancer birthdays and chart influences? Those react to something we can’t see. Motion, smell, a certain wiggle and jiggle? That’s what works. It’s really simple. It’s not “looks” at this time. “Looks” don’t matter at this moment.

The Leo

First it was the clipboard. Then it was the lab coat. Another version, it was the website, but as we’ve discovered, those are notoriously rife with opinions masquerading as facts, and that’s what this Leo horoscope is about. Fact, fiction, friction, and friction caused by information that looks like facts, but might not be factual. If it sounds good enough? Does that count? It’s like the guy with a clipboard in hand, looks official; or the character in lab coat, looks like it should be official.

A buddy carries a couple of extra orange construction cones in the bed of his truck. He’ll “deploy” those as need be, to make whatever he’s working on, makes it all look “official.” Or, looks like “official business.” My old rub? “I’m with the band,” and for a short time, that would work. For The Leo, though, this is about the real source of the data. Is it just some guy, standing there with a clipboard? Just a recent version of a website, “Man, I read it on the internet, it has to be true.” For the sake of making you not look like a dummy? Double check the source.


Just after the big 4th of July party? Time for good Virgo to get out and to get active. Doesn’t matter how this shows up, but there’s an infectious exuberance that starts to filter in, mostly via Mr. Mars, but whatever the source? We’ll take it. Not all good, but not all bad, either, and that unbridled enthusiasm no one seems to be feeling? Use it. Push, run with it, grab it by its horns, and? I’m out of metaphors in the moment. However, just because I can’t craft an adequate way to suggest an action for Virgo? Just because I’m at a loss for words doesn’t mean you should be, too. Action, or what I’ve done for so long? I’ll engage the mouth and just see what falls out. Some bad, some good, some brilliant, and some crap. Never can tell, if you don’t try. You know what that means, Virgo?


Got a summer notice that it was time to — something — with a place I went to school. Didn’t actually graduate, so I’m not sure if I can call it an alma mater. Unsure of what’s the right word. I have a varied and variegated educational background, oftentimes, with noticeable gaps between schools. Maybe a bright child but also a tad troubled with some undisclosed ailment. Still not sure how that works, but here we are. The deal is, that school keeps me on an alumnae mailing list bemuse there’s always the hope that I’ll donate money, or endow a chair, or whatever. Not likely, but I am fan of education, and I did learn thing or two there. The idea is that if we keep hitting up the target audience, sooner or later, someone will cave in and make it all worthwhile. I mean, I get notes like this from several schools, colleges, and universities. The notion that the material has caught up with my current mailing address is amusing and shows level persistence that I’m not familiar with, myself. However, the message for Libra? It’s about that dogged persistence, in the example, of alumnae offices, but it could be for anything. Dogged persistence. Won’t pay off trying to shake me down as I don’t have anything to give, but it might work with other fellows. Never can tell who made it big.


One buddy of mine, he’s on a fat retirement. Home is paid off, and he gets a rather substantial retirement income. He’s not hurting for cash. Maybe we should fish this week? Anyway, he is most amusing to shop with. We were in the grocery and he was looking for stew meat. There was “expired” meat, or meat product, I’m not sure, maybe ground round that had been sitting there too long. Not sure, not going to ask, but that’s the stuff he bought. I thought he was being cheap to prove a point, but in his fridge, and in his cupboard? There’s a collection of expired foods. He’s just parsimonious to a fault. I would think, rewards in life, what you’ve earned, that one would take advantage of the little luxuries, even if not a few big ones. I don’t get it, but I’m not Scorpio. His pecuniary, penny-pinching ways are legend in our circles, and it is mostly not understood. I don’t know if this is required. I don’t know if you have to do this, this way, but whatever works? For him, it’s a kind of a game. Games Scorpio, some Scorpio, like to play. Non-Scorpio need not understand, but there’s a way that this kind of extra mental exercise keeps you afloat in this uncertain times. I don’t get it, but whatever works for you, right?


I have a coterie of Sagittarius fellows that I keep around. Or they keep me around. We’re all of about the same station in life, one is a little younger, but, for some reason, he seems like the little old man of the group. We did go more than two years with no shared meals, but that doesn’t stop us from being in touch and sharing, in true Sagittarius style, the daily foibles and pitfalls of modern life. It’s this small group that I depend upon. Relative planetary motions influence other people, and how we, as Sagittarius, how we choose to react to those machinations and influences by others? That’s what this is all about. Next few days, other people have a hangover from too much something on July 4th. I would think, could just be me, it looks like too many loud fireworks too close a person’s ear drums, and as such, a little deaf. Might be permanent, but for Sagittarius, it’s this next few days, weeks, even. A sort of selective hearing, and instead of arguing, a gentle shrug, and acknowledge that the other people might not be “hearing” what we’re really saying.


Got to give up one thing. For me? This was a T-shirt, leftover from — left over from a long, long time ago. It was the name of motorcycle shop, no longer there. Name of shop, a branded logo, cool artwork, and the shirt was more than 30 years old. Time to give it up. Recycled as a cleaning rag. Used it last to wipe down some fishing reels after I got home from the coast. The shirt’s been recycled. I held onto that shirt as a souvenir, a remembrance of a short period of my life when I was actively involved in that shop. Gone. All long gone, and all that I have left are memories. However, that T-shirt? Finally surrendering the shirt itself, finally giving up? Not like it’s a big step forward, but on an emotional level, some kind of psychic resonance, that makes sense. Give up one thing this week. One item goes to the curb to be hauled off. Or otherwise recycled, up-cycled, or just plain tossed. It’s a step forward, for Capricorn, figuring out one thing to give up.


“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K,” (via Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.) There’s that wry sense of Aquarius foreboding, you know, you think something might be amiss, but then, things are good, or as good as they can be, and then, you know, something seems a little off. Mars is headed into territory where he will cause a few minor miscues. Not bad, not great, but timing is off for Aquarius. When in doubt, use that line from wondrous B-movies from eras gone by. One problem I’ve encountered in viewing old movies, the relative seclusion of pandemic gave me a chance to review old options, and the older films didn’t always hold up as well as I remembered. But that doesn’t matter, as the sentiment attached to the line, ominous, but not, “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K?” There’s a subtle disconnect from reality, and then, follow along, we know that it makes sense by the end of the movie. We know that the end of the novel wraps it all up and it makes sense, in the end. Good fiction has to make sense. Shed some light. However, getting to the end? Not this week, dear Aquarius, not this week, because?

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”


One my favorite images, a recurrent theme for decades now, is a single coffee cup. There’s a classic diner in Downtown San Antonio, and I use it as a perfect example. It’s a happy place for me, formerly a 24-hour Tex-Mex palace, but still, one of the finest diners that owes as much to local traditions as it does to a true diner arrangement. “Coffee shop” before there were places that just serve espresso-based drinks. Think: a localized version of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.” Before dawn, on my way to rendezvous for fishing? The thin steam from a cup of marginal coffee, that wisp of warmer air, laden with coffee smells? That thin contrail in the morning, just the briefest smoke signal, foretells so much. The weeks ahead, for Pisces? The days ahead are full of promise, the same promise that the thin stream of steam promised me that morning. Pictures of fish are on the the web someplace. Same promises hold true for Pisces.


I have a very simple summer wardrobe. Shorts, these days baggy cargo shorts. Most of them are basic black. Pockets big enough for phones, wallets, keys and everything else we carry. Sandals. A voluminous loud, printed (Hawaiian) shirt. Simple. Easy When I bounce in and out of too air-conditioned spaces, I’ll tend to carry a lightweight, long-sleeve shirt to battle the dry, frigid air, as need be. That’s it. What I’ll wear from that last freeze until next winter, at least that’s my plan. Simple. It also reduces the amount of time spent wondering, “What should I wear?” I start at one end and just grab the next shirt, the next pair of shorts. It is simple, and therein is the clue. Don’t over-think, don’t over-complicate, and don’t over-analyze this. It’s really easy. There’s your tendency, exacerbated by Jupiter’s influence in Aries, to over-think, over-analyze, and then, second-guess the best answer. While I was using wardrobe as a simplified way to see this, limited choices make it easier. Just grab and go, you’ll be happier.


The running gag between me and some friends? I’ve long since lost my standing as an amateur pharmacologist. Notwithstanding our little joke, one neighbor did turn to me for advice on what pills to take after a surgery. I have a much more simple way of approaching this. I looked at what the directions on the prescribed pills said. “These?” I rattled a pill bottle. “These? They are once a day — probably want to take them with some kind of food, you know, breakfast. At least a piece of toast.” Buddy discovered when taking big antibiotic pills that food, first, helped. I was brilliant. Earned a nickname of “Dr. Kramer.”1 My secret? I read what was on the various pill bottles. Read the instructions. All I did was suggest he follow the instructions. He was out mowing his lawn the other day. He’s doing much, much better. So the joke, me having lost my standing as an amateur pharmacologist, sure there’s that, but what I did was read the instructions, then suggest a regimen that followed what it said on the bottles. “Once day, twice a day, with food, with a glass or water,” and so on. It’s simple, really. Read the instructions then follow them. “Kramer, should I say, ‘Dr. Kramer,’ you’re brilliant!”



I keep waiting, and it keeps not happening. Know the feeling, Gemini dear? There’s a distinctive lack of patience in, and around, Gemini. The challenge comes from Venus in all her beauty, and the fore-shortened patience, or lack thereof, comes from Mars in Taurus. Means, along with the holidays just passed? We’re waiting. And it keeps not happening. There’s a single warning, not really a warning, just kind of event to look out for. Like left-over firecrackers? Not sure if the fuse is dead, or just burning slowly. Just like that? If you turn your back, it goes off, nearly a week late. Back to the sense that “I keep waiting, and it keeps not happening.”

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  1. Tenuous legal precedent?

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