Horoscopes for 10-21-2022

“Well said, that was laid on with a trowel.”
Shakespeare’s As You Like It I.ii.96

Horoscopes for 10-21-2022

  • October 23 Sun enters Scorpio.
  • October 24 Sun Conjunct Venus 0°59′ Scorpio.
  • October 25 New Moon 1° Scorpio.
  • October 25 Partial Lunar Eclipse 1° Scorpio.

October 31 Mars turns retrograde at 25° Gemini.


Scorpio One of the relationship I recently looked at — in depth? Scorpio and Aries. It’s Mars-tinged, Mars-flavored, Mars-driven relationship. Given what has transpired, and more importantly, to that good Scorpio? Given what will transpire? The future holds a number of very Mars-infused themes. Not all Mars inspired themes are good. In one branch of astrology, Mars is not well-liked. Doesn’t bother me, but I’m not Scorpio, and I’m not ruled by Mr. Mars who is poking along in Gemini, slowing down, but not stopped or anything, just slow. Which means along with other perturbations, this is the start of a time when seems like all good Scorpio actions and movement, motion? All seems to be mired in a sticky substance that just slows it all down. Not bad, just slow. Slow it down and get ready for the high holiday, Halloween.


I listen to a lot of hopes, dreams, and fantasies. I might live in a fantasy world, but that’s not up for discussion, not at this time, However, it’s that act of listening to other people, and listening to what they say. I’ve learned, pretty much the hard way, not to get involved in a particular fantasy or what seems like an irrational hope. Flip that around, though, and I’ve seen some of the wildest aspirations come into play, despite the long odds.

The Sagittarius odds are long. Not impossible, but highly improbable. Doesn’t mean don’t dream, but with Mars, in Gemini, quickly approaching a stationary position, opposite from our good Sagittarius selves, there’s a chance that the dreams appear rather unrealistic. No way to obtain those hopes. Here’s the fun part, it could happen. Might not be before this year’s end, but it could happen, keep that in mind. Not now, but not impossible.


I set a number of routines, day-to-day stuff, mostly related to bookkeeping and accounting, I set those in place years ago. By the end of the work day, I have an accumulation of receipts for various expenses, gas, mileage, research literature, office supplies, cords and cables, plus whatever else. Sometimes, most days, there’s nothing, but some days, I have a little pile tucked in a fold in my wallet. I take enough time, a few moments, sometimes, not even a whole minute, to log those into the accounting (bookkeeping) system. Think: like Quick-Books. Not what I use, but that’s not important. At the end of the year, all I do is hit “print.” It’s just a little bit of work, but over a year, the tiny accretions build up into a whole year’s worth of accounting, ready-to-roll. I was thinking about this, one year I changed programs I used, but the pattern was already established, and it works. Before this Mars-thing unravels, I’d get this in place, now. Tiny little year-end tasks, start now, and in about 8-10 weeks, this pays off. Tiny steps now, big results later.


New Moon, Dark of the Moon, all in Scorpio, but there’s a little lift. We’re about three signs, just a shade over two months from the years’s end. Plan now. The next few weeks promise to be stultifying boring, with a kind of stasis in place. Held in place with no — apparent — forward motion. Plan. Pick, plan, produce, or think about production, and plan on ways to get this into action — next year. There’s an incessant buzz suggesting this has to be done, “Right now!” However, take a step back, don’t even take a step back, just half a step, maybe just rock your weight onto the back leg, and be ready. We’ve got a brilliant time to see holes where there were no options before, and we have a chance to see this wholly, not just parts, but the trick is to step back, maybe just half as step back, to let this material coalesce right before our very Aquarius eyes. It will revolve and resolve into focus, eventually, but for now? Half a step back. Maybe just rock your weight onto the back leg, whatever definition works. Wait for it.


Two Keys The more I looked at it, the more I realized that there’s a special place for gentle Pisces. That place? Dredged up a memory, and why I never appreciated Austin’s public libraries because none of them were convenient, but with the pandemic and the explosive growth of the digital library? That circumvents most, if not all, of any objections. The fewer barriers to learning? The better off Pisces can be. I’m not saying that there’s really anything new at all under the sun. But the idea is that there’s a way to examine, or better yet, re-examine some of the individual beliefs, the underpinnings of the Pisces philosophy of life, and what matters most. What this requires, dark of the moon, slowing Mars, and so forth? A little non-directional research like a serendipitous approach where our fingers wander along the spines of old books, real (or virtual), and we look for something that either enlightens, inspires, or elucidates a particular point. Doesn’t much matter, but remember, that stationary Mars makes for an unsettled sense of destiny. “I was inspired to look at this book.”


Mars is the main planet for Aries. There’s a subset of astrology adherents who believe that Pluto is the Aries Planet, but for now, and looking into the immediate future? Let’s go with Mr. Mars. Stick with what is most expedient, and that’s the lesson, for the next few days, stick with what is generally accepted as the median average current answer. It’s all in percentages, and the highest number of percentages — for the time being — suggest Mars represents and “rules” that Aries energy. Just makes sense. Mars is in Gemini, and that makes for a very scattered energy, just all over the place. Instead of trying to focus on one thing, a single goal, just one task at hand? Go ahead and indulge that Gemini nature, and split this into two tasks. No, three, wait, maybe four or five? Sure. Or even smaller, you know? Decide and conquer? Sure, or just divide and divide again.


I’m guessing, you’ve got some nonTaurus friends or accomplices, that you’re depending upon for certain favors. Can’t do this alone, or, at least you don’t want to do this alone. As such, I’d wait a while, and I’d also suggest, no condemnation, but the other people you might be depending upon? Sure as the sun rises, and the moon starts to slowly emerge, those other people will not fulfill a promise. I consider wording it like, “I could do this,” or “we might do that,” instead of the “we will do this.” The absolute will be absolutely broken. Phrasing is important. It’s the of best of intentions by others, but their best intentions don’t get your Taurus task finished on time. That’s the problem. I rely on some people, but even the people we rely upon the most? This is the sort of a period of time when lowering the expectations, the Taurus expectations of others — simply put? You can never go too low.

Me? I’ll always be there for you. Maybe.


It would be tremendous, a super-power, could your gentle Gemini selves develop it, a certain kind of laser-like focus. Pinpoint one objective, a single target. Just one topic. Stay on point. That single destination for the next few weeks. Starts now. That place where Mars lines up with whatever your typical Gemini selves want and need from the heavens? That point wherein Mars aligns, this next few days, that shows us where your attention should be drawn. What you can concentrate on. A single objective, a simple, one-item target. Now, what Mars will try and do? Mars will try to split that special, Gemini laser beam into a myriad of sources, and scatter your energies all over the place, more than usual, even. What works? Develop that laser-focus, a single pinpoint of productivity, and follow that with more than the usual concentration.


Most of my buddies are thinking about hunting season. Most of my fishing buddies are going out to deer leases, getting ready for opening of the season. As a Cancer-compliant, Moon Child-friendly astrologer, though, I would suggest we think about one last fishing trip. Especially now that the pressure is off, the coast has been rearranged, and we’re ready for just a few more fish before it gets too chilly for me to fish. There’s one or two days, coming up, and these are perfect days for Moon Children, Cancer sign infused chart to take a last run at something old and familiar and yet, new, too. Old place to fish, but with new gear. Old gear but a new place to fish? That works, as well. Lake I haven’t been to in a month of Sundays? Think that’s where I’m headed. I’d prefer further south, maybe the coast as Scorpio starts with that eclipse and good New Moon energy, but mixing it up, a little? Doesn’t matter how, just one old, one new, and see what happens. Happy fishing.

The Leo

Bubba-looking feller looks at me, a definite twang in his voice. “I was born in Germany.” I look back, not looking up from the chart I was preparing for him, “Land-stall?” “No, yes, I mean, how’d you know?” There are two elements that work into the equation, one, I’ve been doing natal birth charts for a long time, so I’m used to asking the where-were-you-born question in hurry, and getting good at hospital names, or like that, after time around enough army brats, I know some the base-names. Two, it’s a simple numbers game, most Americans born in Germany of a certain age will be born on that base. Simple, logical connection, and it has nothing to do with me being highly intuitive or psychic prowess of any sort. Numbers. Straight up numbers. Numbers don’t lie. But this applies to The Leo because, Mars, Sun in Scorpio, and the rest of the mess of planets, where they are? Don’t lie. Don’t lie by omission. Don’t stretch the truth or let the other person draw an incorrect conclusion from an obvious inference made by your good Leo self. “Wow, you’re good.” No, man, just good at what I do. No lie.


Too much? Too little? I’ve forgotten more than I ever learned about “business communication.” Because I correspond most frequently in textual media, I’m used to that, via e-mail, usually, as that’s my preferred way to see a message. Anything else might take longer for a response, but almost all of the messaging apps are based on text protocol. Images, now, and auditory as well, but let’s go back to basics, it started with e-mail, then text messages, and sometimes, images, but again, not as often. I ran a photo-blog some years back, trying to teach myself about the art involved in taking pictures. Never did well with it, and the last efforts lost their charm. So I’m back to my preferred protocol, textual. Keyboards, and sometimes pen plus paper, but mostly just keyboards are where I’m happiest, and can communicate, think on paper, so to speak, that’s where I work best. But I’ve forgotten more than I ever learned about business protocol and how to craft a missive. As the stars start to unwind, and for some Virgo, wind you up? As the stars start to break the body of text apart? Think about what needs to be included in that message, the missive up and coming. What do you need to leave out? When are you over-sharing, and when is there not enough background material to help flesh-out the post you’re making?


Pricing. Might still be lurking around in the old archives, but I had some pricing that started at something like $200, and that was crossed out stepping down in increments until I arrived at the realistic 99 cents. While the products were never big sellers, there was an idea that I developed into a more authentic method to sell stuff. I based my original idea on two sources, one was Apple’s original iTunes store, and the other was family lore from a former retail giant, Neiman-Marcus. The idea, for gentle Libra, during these uncertain times, and with the Mars thing looming in our sights? The idea is to strive for the cheapest route. Cheap isn’t always devoid of quality, but it sets a tone. Appeals to a number of people who might not realize that there’s a certain quality even if the price is the low-low 99 cents.


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