Horoscopes for 2-7-2023

“We would not seek a battle as we are,
Nor, as we are, we say we will not shun it.”

Shakespeare’s Henry V (III.vi.127)

Horoscopes for 2-7-2023

  • 2/10/23 Mercury conjunct Pluto 28°58’ Capricorn
  • 2/11/23 Mercury enters Pisces.


Aquarius “Not everything that can be measured matters.” Flip that around, as I am wont to do? “Not everything that matters can be measured.” With the uncertainty floating freely in Aquarius? There’s an anxious quality, as well, matches up nicely to the motions of the moon, in her errant ways, but this means that the metric one would use for the measurement of Aquarius anger or how we would recognize complacent Aquarius contentment, how that is measured? The standard form of “this is good,” or “this is bad,” that seems to evade the Aquarius ability to define. Instead of trying to work it out? Those two statements, “Not everything that can be measured matters,” and its flip companion, “not everything that matters can be measured,” those two? One of them answers how to deal with the uncertainty.


I depend on a light, delicate sense of an ADHD approach to my work. Each horoscope — all 12 signs — each one can be a complete thought, a complete metaphor, and single issue, all wrapped up in a few hundred words, at best. The goals started at a tighter version, maybe a little less than a hundred words, but over the years, the nuances demand more space. What needs to be said, and how it wants to be said? Give your Pisces thoughts, words and deeds, the proper space.

Give your very Pisces expression the time and space it requires. There are no limits at the moment, so it’s possible to express what needs to be expressed in away that it needs to be said, or written down, in a space where there is enough, so to speak, blank paper for your Pisces self to fill up as need be. The expression I’m thinking of? “No limits.” For Pisces, this means that there are no limits on the space required to express whatever it is that needs to be expressed. Whatever you want; however you want it.


Ask me for professional advice? I tend to fall back on some words from Roman writers, knowledge passed down from a previous millennia and a previous milieu, as the material seems to fit. If there’s an obstacle that is insurmountable? Clearly a fixed object in front of your Aries self, and that thing is objectively impenetrable? Then don’t. In a simpler time, when surrounded by superior numbers, and better prepared, better armed opponents? A tactical retreat works much better than a devastating frontal resistance. Play to your strengths, to move this from a combative arena to more conducive setting? Play to your Aries strengths. You know what you’re good at and you know what you’re good for, stick with the places where you shine. That objectively impossible problem? The foe who won’t be vanquished? Run away to fight another day. I know I read that in the classics, someplace, and for now? It applies to Aries: “Run away to fix this another day.”


Getting away from a tough, Mars and Venus game of tennis? The planets volleyed back and forth and there was no clear winner, right? Hate to call it a draw, but there is that. With Venus, slipping along in Pisces, and Mars just starting to ramp up to speed in Gemini? That puts Taurus firmly between the two love planets, and I kept thinking, not really a violent game, but then, not one our Taurus selves want to be involved in, either. I thought more about that tennis analogy and most of what Taurus should do this week, the lead-in the high holy days? The point is for Taurus to be the net in that game of tennis. Volleys fly overhead, and there’s an occasional ground ball that makes it under, but mostly, you can be untouched by the various Mars and Venus feuds that are ongoing. Duels, vendettas, old resentments, and any other number of situations play out on that tennis court. Me? I know nothing about tennis, so I’m useless here, but the idea is to be the net. Watch that stuff fly over. Except, of course, there’s always a a chance of one low ball. “Ooof!”


As I understand it, and there’s science to support this, walking from one room to another changes our perspective. Most commonly, the question becomes, “Why did I walk in here?” There’s a real and tangible mental shift that occurs when just changing one’s location. Part of this is the science of the doorway, or to some, doors to perception, but call it what you want, it’s about shifts. There’s a series of latent mercurial shifts as Mercury lines up with Pluto then Mercury rolls on into Aquarius, a nicely Gemini-compatible air sign. It’s like shifting rooms, not a big change, but a subtle difference. These shifts are not always like big, noticeable changes, but a more gentle kind of difference. With that in mind, Gemini, make some directional changes that benefit you.


Can you put tuna fish in eggs? The proper question, I really shouldn’t start this before morning coffee, but the exact thought was “How would canned tuna taste in scrambled eggs?” I’ve fallen into a habit of scrambling morning eggs with a little bit of whatever is leftover, brisket, various vegetables, corned beef, garden fresh peppers, some week old chili, just, you know, whatever. Times are tight, and so I was wondering, first, what the expiration date was on that tuna, and then, if it would be good in my scrambled eggs, possibly with some cheese? Your week ahead isn’t about tuna fish and scrambled eggs, although, by now, some Austin person has turned that into an artisanal breakfast taco, but no, not really what this is about. Think about elements that might not be best together. In my simple example, I think it stays that way, items that don’t belong together. But the planets want an unusual combination (motion of Mercury), and that means start looking at oddities. Maybe my example is again, a good example of what not to do.

The Leo

I’ve got a number of clients who’ve been with me for many, many years. The greatest portion of those fall into the “My generation” group, not quite X and not quite boomer. Although, honestly? I got all ages. Pre-boomer to post-millennial, but it was the ones I’ve had for a spell that I wanted to look at, y’all are special to me, and we’ve seen this crap before. Mighty Leo: don’t panic. Don’t get all freaky, worried sick, or otherwise out of your mind because of some perceptions about the evil that men do. The problems don’t deserve your recognition. We’re in the final stage of a rather specific Saturn transit. Other aspects, as well, but this is a time to not get attached to either a Leo-specific outcome, or excessive worry about situations over which you have no control.


I’ve read — and heard — these expressions over and over, and as advice, sure, they apply. “Be impeccable with your word.” “Never tell a lie.” “Be straightforward and honest when speaking.” There are three versions of, “Always tell the truth.” There’s a crowd of Virgo females, currently squawking, “But we always tell the truth.” Yes, and being a mutable earth sign, while telling that Virgo truth, what the rest of us are hearing? “What is true right now,” and that can be problematic — for the rest of us. Remember that, as we approach another high holiday, remember that it is only truth as your Virgo self sees it. Don’t present the data as factual for everyone. I mean no disrespect, but there is that element wherein “It looked true at the time” is the mantra, and that might not work if you have interact with us, the nonVirgo folks.


Repeated often enough, what I hear? “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” As we look at how this next few days develop? Think that through. In days of yore, “Keep your enemies closer” was purely pragmatic, the only weapons were crude firearms not good for more than a few yards, but usually, the best weapons were “edged weapons.” Knives, swords, daggers, and an occasional halberd. In my small mind, that’s where I figure that aphorism came from. Roots. Roots, friends, enemies. One Libra looks at me, bats eye lashes, “But I don’t have any enemies.” Then news comes in closer to whatever causes, whatever battles seem to loom on your horizons. You will probably find yourself adjacent to the fight; be prepared.


We have to ask, “Is it worth it?” Do the various levels of discomfort, including that uncomfortable silence when it always feel like someone should say something, but that might be the best use of this energy, like, being quiet? Deafening silence. Is is worth it? More so as the week drags ever onwards, but that knowing waggle of the eye brows, rather than any verbal comment? There comes a time when you want to make a statement, feel like you need to bring an issue to light, and otherwise want to publicly acknowledge what is happening within that Scorpio realm. However, a knowing nod, a simple up-down affirmative, or left-right negative will do. Saying something, at this time? Ask your Scorpio self, “Is it worth it?”


Sampler pack. “Buy the sampler pack.” It beats “Go places, learn things.” I spent years on the road, and then, in nominally moist Central Texas where I got in a habit of carrying a thing of chapstick, at all times. I like cheap, convenient, and preferably, in bulk. Burt’s Bees, as a success story, is as good a brand as any, so when I found a deeply discounted selection of the chapsticks, on sale at the discount store, I grabbed that sampler pack. There were two regular, two moisture-enhanced, two cherry, two peppermint, and all at a price that was, let’s say, less than a buck per stick. My habit of always having chapstick on hand goes back to years spent rocketing around the desert environs, and then, later down to the coast. The bulk purchase made sense, and sampler pack was a deal. The reason why it was so good? The moisturizer version? Felt great but disappeared twice as fast, not a good one for me. The peppermint was too tangy, and the ruby-red looked like lipstick. Regular is fine. But the only way to find out? Sagittarius: buy the sampler pack. Bonus as it was cheap.


One of the most underrated “science fiction” books to ever appear? Islands in the Net by then Austin luminary, Bruce Sterling. It is long-forgotten, and I think it’s out-of-print. The future technology is woefully wrong, missed it by a mile in some respects; however, some of the material, in flavor, essence, and output by the technology, and how humans are liable to interact with the technology? That remains truthful. “Feels true,” overlooking the now dead-tech. It’s possible to pick the novel apart, based on misunderstood technology, and outdated modes of communications, but the networked ideas, and the inter-connected world, that shows up even to this day. Allegory and metaphor are necessary human elements, and for the coming years, what lies just up ahead for Capricorn, and especially for Capricorn? Metaphor, symbolism, and allegory play a heavy hand. Pay attention, and be willing to overlook some anachronistic foibles. Hint: I can’t be right all the time.


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