Horoscopes for 2-6-2024

Horoscopes for 2-6-2024

“Why, ’tis no matter, man: if they did hear,
They would not mark me; if they did mark,
They would not pity me; yet plead I must,
And bootless unto them.”

Titus in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus (III.i.34-6)

Horoscopes for 2-6-2024

New Moon 2/9 5:00 PM (local) 20° Aquarius

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Aquarius heart I have strange tastes, that’s for sure. I was listening to a streaming “Texas Radio” that originated in France. Fun stuff, in a weird way, really hardcore Texas Country and Western, with ads in French. One song was about listening country music and growing up in the country. I laughed at that. There’s a particular Aquarius musician, and that one? He always points out that he listened to Rock’n’Roll, growing up in the country. The country people I know? The kids all listen to the rock stations, the rock’n’roll records, gangsta rap, and the thrash metal. None of them listen to classic country and western. Punk, metal, rap, and various ’core similarities, but no, no country. I was most amused as I thought about that song. I’m not about to argue with the sentiment of the song, but I was listening to country music as I was growing up in a city. It was called “outlaw country,” at the time. This isn’t about me. This is about facts versus what feels true. That song, about growing up and listening to country music in the country? Sure, feels good. Feels right. It’s not even close to the truth though, ask the Aquarius.


Pisces heart We want to see this through to completion. All the way through, to the end, and to some? “All the way to the bitter end.” That would be correct. All the way through. There’s a chance, seems like an opportunity to take a shortcut. A place where you feel like you can trim the corners a little, and no one will notice. Therein is the very Pisces problem.

Cutting corners, curtailing output, taking a shortcut, or any other abbreviated version that is not everything in total? That has a tendency blow back, fall back, or reverberate with alarming frequency at the worst possible time. That’s what I’m trying to prevent, your best Pisces interests, deep in my heart. Shortcuts, cutting corners, the proverbial easy way out? Not right now. “I’ll never get caught. No one will know.” You’ll be surprised who’s watching the one time to you try get away with it.


Aries heart Used to be a term, “The Wingman.” It implies a second person close on the heels of the Aries, a person who was looking out for what was best, what worked, and made sure no Aries enemies were diving down from a blind spot. That puts this in a frankly combative set of terms, but for most Aries, such terminology can apply. It’s that “wing-person” who is most correct, and what we need to fall upon, for certain Aries success. My original notation was for this week’s Aries, it was the “Gay Boyfriend.” Again, the terms need to be adjusted so as to not offend, and I’m not going to do that. It’s about an aide-de-camp, an equal, an assistant, a person who has similar goals in mind as Aries. I like the “gay boyfriend” moniker best, as it implies a level of non-competition, and that’s part of what makes this work best. I quit competing with Aries because I would lose, every time. In that respect, I would be a good example of the kind of “wingman” you’re looking for. Not me, personally, as I’m busy that day, but that’s the correct assistance.


Taurus heartI got a great idea, and it goes a little against the grain for gentle Taurus, but it’s worth a try? New Moon, Lunar New Year, all of that? Let’s push out three new ideas. Three projects, three plans to get rich, three possible routes for your very Taurus hopes and dreams. Not one, not two, but at least three options. Plop all three up on the desktop, the tabletop, the workbench, and let’s look at these. Let’s look at all three, and maybe, what I would like, Taurus needs to start on all three. Get all three launched, out the door, and on their way. Launched. Set in motion. Commenced. There’s a problem, and I’m sure you know, not all three will all come together evenly, or possibly get to the end. But one does. One out of those three, and to get to that kind of a win? Get all three started this next few days. All three. Not just one, but all three.


Gemini HeartLaser-like focus. “That’s it? Laser-like focus?” That’s my suggestions and as Mars and Venus finish their transit of Capricorn, for gentle Gemini (ha), the answer to the questions, and the way harness the moon’s energies? I think you know my answer, but let me reiterate — “Laser-like focus.” That is usually attributed to Virgo and their attention to detail? That’s usually associated with either Scorpio or Cancer as an ability to hold on emotionally, seems like forever? That’s the flavor, the style, the sense I’m seeking for this week’s gentle Gemini, who is anything but gentle. But never mind that now. Don’t hit the ground running unless you’ve got that target firmly in place, with — again — that “laser-like focus.”


Cancer heart I’ve been reading the night sky and writing horoscopes for more than 30 years now, and I saw something I’ve never seen before in your chart. Might be a flash of insight. Might be an accumulated weight of looking at these symbols for so long. Might be any number of factors, the way the world is, but what it spelled out to me? Fate? Destiny? Or a similar feeling that something is meant to be, as ordained by the planets? Yeah, that’s what we have to watch for, in the Moon Children’s sign, here in Cancer. That feeling of Fate, Destiny, or as the oracle suggests, “Ordained by the planets above!” That sense? It might be true, and if it is true, it will be around in about three weeks. It’s the idea of waiting this one out, and seeing if it really is that kind of a deal, fate, destiny, ordained by the planets or just a fleeting piece of a past life that popped up and then drifted off to bother other, non-Cancer souls. Ghosts-like?

The Leo

Leo heart What matters most? Old question, and one that we can focus on, for the magnificent Leo, as we launch into a new Aquarius cycle, you know, new moon and all. I’d look at the list of the Leo Priorities, and think about the order. One is work, two is fun, three is the romance thing, and I would pause, then think about re-ordering that list, think of the priorities as little fortunes that come out of fortune cookies, tiny slips of paper with a few words on them. Play with the order of what’s most important, work, family, friends, romance, no, family, friends, work, romance, no, romance, family, friends, work, again, not the right order. See how this is a bit of a puzzle that I, as a mere (nonLeo) mortal can’t figure out. But I can ask the question, and I can suggest that the order of those priorities be more fluid and dynamic rather than set in stone. It has to be this way? No, we can play it for the time being, and remember, you’re still the most important to me. Now, pause and rearrange those priorities — again.


Virgo heart Back in the good old days, which were really not that good, I over-clocked a computer chip. There was little socket that could be inserted between the main processor chip, and its receiver. In doing so, it increased the throughput for that chip by maybe 20%? With some kind of rudimentary software gauge, I was able to see close to a 25% reduction in graphic processing time. So it worked, as advertised, and it also overheated the chip which meant I had to install an auxiliary fan to make it run cooler. To this day, I tend to run some kind of external fan on all my “computers” to keep them from overheating. More a myth than a real thing, but it makes me feel good. The challenge with over-clocking a chip like I did, way back when? Doing so voids the warranty and greatly reduces the projected lifespan of the hardware. From building hotrod motorcycles to toying with hotrod computers, the skill set is similar, as are the goals, with predictable results, as well. I eventually fried that chip. It overheated and stopped working. I had to pop off the over-clock kit. Actually, I left spare fan on, as that helped dissipate heat, but yeah, eventually it all quit working. Was the speed bump worth it at the time? Ask yourself, gentle Virgo, is it worth the extra hassle?

“I like going faster.”


Libra heart I’ve long lamented the idea that there isn’t a “Box” that I can identify, so the notion of “thinking outside of the box?” That doesn’t apply. “Box? What box? I didn’t see any box, do you know what box he’s talking about?” However, this is a time when gentle Libra will find it is easier to find arcane, artificial, or even just odd answers to typical Libra challenges. It’s really less outside of the box thinking, and more just looking at this from a slightly different perspective. What’s the message? Not the intended message, but the message that might be received, what is that? What’s obviously getting across, cross-wise and all, but what is getting through rather than what is being sent. For some people, this is a time that requires a more gentle, indirect approach. For others? Get a big stick, think about hitting them upside the head. Sort of varies, but you get the idea? What didn’t work before? Try something different. “Like ‘thinking outside the box?’ Did I get that right?”

Me? I didn’t see a box.


Scorpio heart To me, and I might be wrong, as I can never really please a good Scorpio, but to me? I tend to see this as a series of small failures. Look: no Scorpio likes anything that even smells like failure, so me seeing it thusly? We can stop right there, and you can write me off as being unknowing and unkind. But I’m neither, and I’m trying to get us ready for what’s just up ahead in Scorpio-land. It’s a series of seemingly small failures, and taken individually, not a problem; however, when about three small mistakes occur in a row? One has to wonder, “Is it me? Is it my good Scorpio self?” In a single word? No. it is not you, individually. But collectively, there are a series of false starts, great ideas, wrong time, bad idea, right time, perfect phrase, incorrectly delivered. Like a joke that falls on (apparently) deaf ears, or carefully stated sarcasm that seems to sail right by the target, “That was just mean.” Wasn’t meant to be mean, just came out that way. I’d package all of those small failures up to experience, learning curve, or whatever, and understand that it isn’t you, dear Scorpio, but them, they aren’t receiving this correctly or in its intended form. With that in mind? Instead of saying it? Maybe write it down and use in about month, when there are fewer failures.


Sagittarius heart When I glanced through the charts ahead? I kept thinking about the perfect analogy for good ship Sagittarius. One person will amend that to phrase, swapping out a single letter. Anyway, the charts ahead are like certain days at the lake, the fish are biting, but they are tentative in their bite. Nibbling, or having seen those baits before, less likely to strike and more like a test, “Is that food or a trick?” Tickle, tentative taste, then possible strike, then back again. Three tries for every solid chance to land a fish. Three tries, at least, and one time, due to the cold? Took more like five or six tries before — I could feel a fish at the end of the line, best guess was a Black Bass, and I could detect a sample, but it was a non-committal attempt. Have to tease our Sagittarius way along because of the lack of commitment from others, like the fish. Fish might’ve just been cold, but the lake’s water was warm, just the surface air was cold. Little steam seemed to be rising in the early winter’s chill.


Capricorn heart Strange little link I saw, it was about the various love languages. I’ve incorporated that kind of material in my work for years, and sometimes, mostly, it’s about the various placements of the planets in signs as that imparts a discernible flavor to each situation. One astrology writer called it “Style,” and I liked that. We are moving towards a bi-annual Mars/Pluto conjunction wherein angry and physical Mars tussles with Pluto, the lord of the nether regions. We’re not there yet, and it won’t happen this week, but the new moon is a significant player with these energies, and helps us prepare. Likewise, I’m suggesting for sweet Capricorn, a sense of some kind of preparation for the events that loom up ahead. Emotions have run high, higher than usual, and there’s no reason to get swept away by that rising tide. Instead? Look to the heavens for guidance, and start planning. Plan the trip, plan the escape, plan the outcome that you want, and then? With that new moon energy, start taking steps to make that happen — whatever the Capricorn goal might be.

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