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Leo guys: the royal sign. The Royal Sign. Anyone who’s ever dealt with one can tell you what a royal pain a disgruntled Leo guy can be. Ruled by the Sun, the basic Leo likes to loll around in the sunshine and work at nothing all day. Although he’s a fire sign, it’s a fixed sign, too. These guys are rotten in a fish camp since they expect everyone else to serve them.

Grocery store: Due to the artistic nature of the Leo, grocery shopping can take on a little bit of an adventure–like quality. Leo’s are hunters, so plan on the foodstuffs themselves having something with bones in it. Could be T–bone, or for the more environmentally conscious Leo types, imagine free–range chicken. Don’t forget that Leo is a fixed sign, and as such, if there is something that deviates from the shopping list, this is bound to upset the Leo. Let the Leo assiduously stick to his list. You’ll be much happier.

Shopping at midnight: This is an interesting case study, what the Leo does after midnight in a giant discount chain store. There is so much to choose from, and what does the Leo look at first? Usually, it winds up being art supplies. I know, and you know that super stores are not always the best place to buy art supplies, but it’s a start. There are pens and crayons and big tablets of paper that will draw the Leo’s attention. Then there’s the jewelry section, too. No, this isn’t the best place to buy the finest gold creations, but all that yellow glitter will surely attract the Leo’s attention, if only for a little while. Finally, and I hate to let anyone know this, there’s the clothing. The Leo will have to have a go at the clothing department, just to see if there’s anything worthwhile. Look on the bright side, in at midnight, out by 4:00 AM.

Brick wall: A Leo is a magnificent creature, tall and proud, good looking and handsome. And a fixed obstacle in front of this Leo is a problem, a big problem. In fact, just such a deviation from the way things should be having this brick wall right in front of the Leo is terribly offensive to our fine specimen. So what does the Leo do? Ever watch the nature shows about the African Lions? It’s just like one of those guys: the male scares up the game, chases it into the clutches of the female. The male then comes in and helps himself to the best cut of meat, relaxes and preens his luxurious mane. Now, when our Leo hits the wall, he’s going to do something similar. He’s going to loudly call attention to the fact that there is an inconvenient obstacle in front of him, and some one had better get over RIGHT NOW, and do something about it. Of course, our Leo might never actually lift a paw to do anything about the wall, but that’s not his job. He just lets us know it was there, and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed right now.

Bait: Live Bait with a spinner — Nothing works better for catching a fixed fire sign fish than Live Bait. Worms, minnows, or even some traditional Japanese cuisine, I hope you get the idea. Live bait has an aura of adventure about it. It’s hard to get them little wigglers onto the hook, if you know what I mean. And that’s the only thing that will really ever catch a Leo’s attention, something that seems to be an adventure.

Body part: Upper back and heart.

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Aries: The Leo Female is a fine specimen of humanity. So is the Aries male. The good news is that these are two fire signs and that can evoke a great deal of passion.

Problems? I hate to put it this way, most of the problems in this relationship arise from the Leo female in respect (or as we astrologers say, “in aspect”) to the Aries male. You’ve got to understand a little bit more about where he is coming from. Look up the general remarks about the Aries Sun Sign, for starters. Apply some of that to him. He’s stubborn. Okay, so he seems a little headstrong. He’s really not that stubborn, just willful. What you can do is treat him like you would treat a child. Cajole him a little. Console him a little. Act like he’s right.
We both know that you’re the one who is right, but for the sake of appearance, let him think like he is in charge. There’s a good matriarchal model for this found in some of William Faulkner’s literature. In one book, he describes a Southern family that is a matriarchy and is ruled by a bedridden mother figure. This is how your relationship works. You are the seemingly helpless female, and let him come to the rescue. Works very well for you.

In general, all Leo women are princesses, and they all need to be treated as such. And, a truly benevolent ruler runs the kingdom in a manner that lets all the peasant think they matter in the decision making process. So what you want to do is let your Aries man think that it was his idea. It was yours, you and I know that, but he thinks he is helping. This is the easiest way to get along with one of these creatures.


Taurus: This is one of the weirdest combinations that I’ve ever seen. There’s a single image that comes to mind—and it’s delving into my nebulous academic background. Imagine a kiln, for firing pottery. Take the Fire of the Leo, and the Earth of the Taurus and cook it for a while. The result is a much stronger structure than that limp old clay you started out with. That’s the idea behind this one. If you get all the right ingredients, it’s a very stable relationship, as long as you don’t cook that poor Taurus pottery in the Leo kiln too long.

What’s problems can arise have more to do with two of the very stubbornness of the fixed signs, and when these two clash, it can be bad. Really bad. In fact, it can be like hitting that glaze on the outside of that Taurus pottery you just fired—it shatters and goes everywhere. Worse, that glaze can be strong, after all, it was cured in your heat, and that strength can seem to be impervious to moisture. As we all know, moisture is water, and water represents emotions. Sometimes, you can create a moisture that is an ideal container for your emotional well–being. Other times, it just bounces off.

Nothing can irritate a Leo more than being ignored, and that’s where the real troubles start. If you’ve got something else in your collective charts, something that softens him up, or something that lets you get underneath that hardened glaze, then you’ve got enough of what it takes to make it last a long time.

I can’t give reliable statistics on this combination because I don’t have enough of a valid cross section to deal with. I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen it blow up in a spectacular way. It all comes down to learning how to deal with the Fixed versus Fixed problems. And it’s a coin toss away from which sign is the most stubborn. Fixed signs at a hard angle to each other can remarkable charisma. And they can also enjoy a remarkable, almost electric attraction. At the same time, they are also capable of driving each other to the highest, or lowest, of ideals.

Whatever you do with your Taurus guy, don’t start a mud–slinging contest. That’s his medium, and it’s one arena where you might not come out as the clear–cut winner.


Gemini: You’ve hooked a Gemini? Good for you. Get ready for a ride that can be very pleasing, but get prepared for a ride nonetheless. It’s going to be a wild one. Gemini is known far and wide for their apparently fickle behavior. Don’t say you weren’t warned. To be fair with the Gemini, they certainly don’t feel like a multiple personality, they feel like it’s just one person with many different facets and that’s the core of the problem here.

In order to make this one work, just regard your Gemini boyfriend as an entourage. It’s much easier that way. You’ve finally got your built in audience that deserve. It has the potential to contain a cast of thousands, if you’re patient with him.

Fire needs a certain amount of fuel. One of the main ingredients in a Leo’s fire is the air that a Gemini can supply. One of the problems with this is the fact that the Gemini is a Mutable Air sign. Compare that to the rock steady Fixed Fire sign of Leo. What we’ve got is one who is stable but passionate, that you my fine Leo friend, and then you’ve got an aberrant little satellite floating around you, making noise, stirring things up, soothing things over, and just generally being busy. It is possible to get an occasional quiet Gemini, but that should make your fine Leo senses wonder. Just what is he up to? I’d be worried, too.

Plan on being entertained, but also plan on the Gemini lacking a little bit of follow through when it comes to getting just one task accomplished. You can hear him now, “I was thinking about going for some take out Chinese food, but then I got an idea, I was going to cook, so I got these vegetables at the Farmer’s Market, but then, you know, I was thinking we could go see a movie, and sneak into a second feature and just eat popcorn. What do think? Ready to go? There’s that new movie showing at the discount place, you know. But I hate the way my feet stick to floor….”
Stop him long enough to store the fresh food. I told you this was an entertaining ride.


Cancer: Next to a strong Leo woman, a Cancer man can appear to be a weak, effeminate person. This isn’t true, and it’s just a generalization, but I think you get the idea. That sets the tone. It’s like a couple I was observing in Wal–Mart at three in the morning. From his demeanor, I could tell he was a Cancer guy, the face, the clothes, and then, the way he lingered over the food products in the grocery section. The woman, on the other hand, was obviously a Leo. Big hair, big woman, and she was all over him like a cheap suit, which was on sale in another part of the store.

The dynamics, on the outside of this relationship looking in, seem to be that we’ve got a browbeaten Cancer guy and a loud and overbearing Leo woman. Add some cheap polyester clothing, and it could be a nightmare from the East Texas environment I was raised in. But it’s really not. There is a subtle role reversal which takes place in this relationship. Very few signs are willing to adore the Leo for what she really is. Very few signs are willing to give her the complete and undivided attention she requires in a mate. But a Cancer guy is capable of doing just this.
The trouble starts when he comes across as not really saying what he means. I’m reminded of the time a Cancer friend heard himself tell his woman that he loved her, and he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. The woman heard a different story, she was listening to him expostulate on how it would be cheaper if the two of them lived together and shared expenses. Same end result, only the words used were entirely different. One was say one thing, and the other ways hearing something else.

Any self–help book will tell you that communication is of paramount importance in relationship. That’s what a Leo female and Cancer male have to work out. It the words used. He likes you. He can look after you. You just have to learn how not to hurt his sensitive feelings. Of course, after watching that couple in the store, I know that they had worked it all out. You should have seen the loving little glances he would sneak here, especially when they were in the underwear section.


Leo: Same sign relationships have a grand flavor to them. It’s the best of the best, and since we’re dealing with two Leo’s, then it’s the best of the best signs. Good news here. It can work very, very well. But there’s also a little problem with it.

Just who is the mightiest tiger in the jungle?

Build this relationship on mutually trust and admiration, use a lot of flattery, and be prepared to be feel like you are at the center of his universe at all times. And return the admiration and respect. Every time. Or, as the British are fond of saying, “Every effing time.”

This is really, really important. Which one is more vain? Ask him, and he’ll tell you “it’s you.” Ask you, and you’ll explain “it’s him.” While this might sound a like a problem, let’s face a few well–known facts. Leo is the best of the signs of the zodiac. All the good things that come with fire—and—add a degree of stability because it’s a fixed sign? So you really are the best. With all that goodness flowing through your veins, it’s pretty hard not to be a least a little arrogant.

“Oh baby, you’re the greatest and you deserve me because I’m the greatest, next to you…” would be the way I would approach this relationship. To be sure, I was working at an event, a singles party, and two Leo’s got hooked up. As near as I can tell, their collective stars are still burning bright because they get along together so well. Each one considers the other best thing in the world, beside themselves, of course.

It doesn’t sound all that complimentary, but it really does work. I’ve seen this one work in the best of all situations. Don’t forget to be genuine, though, because any Leo can detect that sarcastic, false pretense which sometimes crops up when you say, “Oh baby, you’re the greatest.” Make sure you mean it.


Virgo: The Leo woman is a mighty Lion. And the Virgo male is perfectionist. The best part about this relationship is that the two sign actually compliment each other very well. This is one relationship I have observed up close for a period of time. And it has what it takes to make it long run, too, because the Virgo will accept nothing less than perfection in life. And with a Leo female, that’s what he’s got.

There is a high degree of respect here. Now, as the Leo female, you sometimes have a hard time being cognizant of this fact. Sometimes you are not aware of what it is that you are doing that irritates him. You have to know, you have to feel, deep in your heart, that he is truly in love with you, despite his apparently ambivalent attitude. Relax a little and look at some of the small things he does which is befitting your royal nature. Maybe he is too pecuniary to lavish you with diamonds and rubies, but at least he is willing to show this respect that he has for you by little details.

Watch carefully for the clues, the way he opens a door for you, the small gestures he makes, dates which he remembers. Leo is a passionate sign. Virgo is passionate, too, but not in the same way. Don’t let him hold you back from your passion. He needs a degree of nurturing and attention, and the mighty Lion can provide this level of consideration. Since the Leo female requires similar treatment, be willing to give a little bit more, and watch you reap three fold what you put out.


Libra: This one looks good to me. But in the real world, I’ve seen it be problematic. That is, from time to time. Not all the time mind you, but some of the time. And it’s not like there should be any problems, but men being what they are, and finding some of those male traits in a Libra male can be the source of some problems. But not all the time. Just some of the time. Maybe.
I would give this an unequivocal triple star award because it meets the Cardinal and Fixed rule that generally gets the triple star recommendation for a love combination. But there is a problem with this one, and it doesn’t have a lot to do with the cardinal and fixed nature. It’s what I would call the “Peacock Problem.”

In a barnyard, a male Peacock has beautiful feathers. He is the prettiest creature out there. Personally, I don’t care for the birds because the meats a little too gamy and doesn’t really make a decent chili. But my Leo friend assures me that she is the best in the barnyard. So we’ve got two of the prettiest critters together in a relationship. How’s that going to work?
To be brutally honest, ya’ll are a stunning couple. Not just good, but perhaps the most handsome couple I’ve ever seen. But a Leo deserves the center stage, and she seems to get a little upset when her mate attracts an equal amount of adulation. Therein is the problem. The ever so diplomatic Libra guy will certainly tell you that you’re the best, but that doesn’t mean you don’t always feel a little suspicious when other girls pay attention to him. And like that peacock, he stands tall and proud with his tail feathers beautifully arcing over the barnyard.
In private, he can be the most romantic and tender individual ever. He can say all the right things, and his timing is usually much better than mine. But there’s also a little problem with Mr. Libra. He does attract some unwanted attention from other critters in that barnyard of life, and that can cause a pique of jealousy in a Leo. It ain’t always good.

If you can learn to delight in the fact that you have the most magnificent male by your side, and if you can learn to understand that everyone is envious of you with him, then there is a strength that you can build on Tyco make this work. But if you let petty jealousy get in the way, this a doomed scenario.

Love them Libra’s for what they are, not for what they ain’t.


Scorpio: I was thinking about a nursery rhyme while I was looking through the files and notes for this relationship. “When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was even better.” This ditty came to mind. This is not an inherently good relationship. But I’ve seen it work well, about 50% of the time. Want to play the odds?

Both signs are fixed signs, and they lay at a 90–degree angle from each other in the giant wheel in the sky. This is not considered a good angle. In fact, this is usually called a bad thing. It does mean that there is an instant attraction here. That’s the good news. But instant physical attraction, and the way the two signs approach this are very different.

A fine Leo woman like yourself does very well when cuddled, coddled and cooed over. What really helps is putting you up on a pedestal. Your Scorpion might not do this—he does do it, he can’t help himself who can’t put you on a pedestal? But he doesn’t tell you that you’re on his pedestal. He doesn’t let you in his little secret about how much he likes you. This is where all the trouble starts. It’s really simple, Leo’s are the most manageable sign in the zodiac, all it takes is a little attention. And if he would just pay attention to you, everything would be okay. What you don’t see, what is really happening, is that he’s looking out of the corner of his eye, in a way you can’t see him, and he’s admiring you.

His surreptitious behavior is not what a Leo needs. She needs, you need, the best treatment possible, at the best of times, in the best of ways. Too bad he doesn’t have the heart to show you how much he cares.

In the best of these relationships, the Leo girl learns to pick up the subtle signs that the Scorpio shows. In the worst, however, the subtly is lost on that fine Leo sense. Too bad, too, because you guys are really the best that there is.


Sagittarius: My fine little Leo girl, you should know better than to try and hook yourself a Sagittarius guy. We’re fun, we make great friends, and there’s certain air about us Sagittarius types that makes us ever so appealing. That’s the good news. In the little astrology primer I’ve used off and on for years, it shows that this is, on paper, a great connection.
Regrettably, there’s usually one foible associated with the magnanimous nature of the Sagittarius guy that stands the potential of really getting in the way of this relationship—a trait which can prevent this relationship being the best that it can be. I mean, when it’s good, it’s quite nice. All that fire and passion, and his constant yearning for new horizons is fun. But every once in awhile, a nice Leo girl wants to take it easy, sit back, and be served like the Queen of the Universe that she is. This is where there’s a problem with Mr. Sagittarius. While he’s good at playing up to you on some occasions, sometimes, he just doesn’t get it.

There are several men–bashing jokes which would work well here. But the problem is an innate characteristic so often found in the Sagittarius male, it’s a wanderlust, a sense that there’s something really neat, just over yonder. It’s at times like this that the ever so gallant Sagittarius guy expects you to pick up your own luggage and follow him. That’s a nice idea, but the good Leo (and there is no other kind) doesn’t always want to pick up her own luggage. That’s what the porter is for. Call room service, call the bellhop, And at this time, the Sagittarius is already slinging a backpack over his back, and off and running, expecting you to tag along unaided. You have been warned.

It’s a workable combination, but the dear, sweet Leo is occasionally going to feel much put upon by the Sagittarius sense of adventure. Sooner or later, you’re going to feel a sense of desperate angst as you deal with his ennui. It might be his wandering eye on occasion, the way he flirts with the ticket taker, the fact that he was supposed to be home at dinner time, but he ran into an old chum with a bottle of rum… or if he would just get his nose out of that book long enough to pay attention to you.
With some understanding of the creative energy behind both signs, it’s possible to work this one out. But it takes a little bit more creative energy than you’re willing to put up with, on some occasions. Enjoy a Sagittarius for what he is and appreciate his strengths. It’s not going to do much good to belabor the weak points. Not that this should be read as a challenge to a Leo female, but once hooked, a Sagittarius can stay for life. It’s just that so few are ever completely hooked.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”


Capricorn: I was sitting in the “hot tub” of a SouthWest Airlines flight, going to trip the Left Coast, and I found myself sitting across from an old couple that was having some fun, greatly relieved, apparently, to be escaping Texas. It’s a sentiment that I don’t understand myself. After a cup of coffee, I warmed up the conversation a little, and in no time I had learned that they had married an amazing fifty years or so. I was instructing the wife on how she could sneak a cigarette break in the bar area of the El Paso airport because it wasn’t a “no smoking zone” at the time. Of course, strictly in the interest of professional research, I inquired about their birthdays. She was a Leo, and her husband was a retired airline pilot, a Capricorn. “Mighty interesting,” I thought to myself, “the book says it won’t work.”

I wondered what the secret was. It’s very simple, the husband confided in me after his wife went to get that cigarette. “We were just at our class reunion. I told all the guys I got the prettiest one there, and she’s still the prettiest one.”

I’ve gone on at length about how Leo’s thrive under such attention. And for longevity, who can provide a Leo girl with that kind of attention? Only a Capricorn has what it takes to dish it out, day after day, for all those years.

In technical terms, it’s a Leo Fixed Fire and the somewhat tenuous Cardinal Earth of Capricorn. The two together are a good combination. The Fixed/Cardinal combination works rather well. And unlike the concept the that the Earth will extinguish that Fire, the Leo Fire is hard enough to withstand what the earth does to it. In fact, over time, this is a relationship that can grow and prosper. Of course, there was always a little bit of freedom involved, but that Capricorn was still, after 50 years, still very much in love with his Leo.


Aquarius: This is one of the oddest combinations—it’s both very good and very bad. Good because, under the right circumstances, it can work out quite well. In an ideal situation, the Leo needs an audience, and, in this ideal situation, the Aquarius represents that ideal audience, always wanting to be there to please the Leo.

In less than ideal situations, though, there can be trouble with this coupling. The basic standoff nature of the Aquarius guy, the mental mensurations and various side–tracked attitudes can be detrimental to this relationship. The Aquarius male can seem cool when he’s supposed to be hot, he can seem to be detached when he’s supposed to act like he cares, and he can be very passionate when he’s supposed to be distant. This creates problems. As long as you understand what it is that is going on with the guy, you’re doing okay. As long as you can tolerate his Aquarius attitude, you’re fine. Trouble starts when you don’t understand what his basic nature is.

The Aquarius guy will challenge what you believe in, not because he doesn’t believe, but because he feels like he must challenge any preconceived notions. He’s a rebel, at heart. In order to win him over, a little distance, a little patience and degree of compassion is necessary. Understand what it is that he’s trying to accomplish. Understand what he’s trying to do. Understand that, oh, never mind. When it works, he’s your natural audience. When it doesn’t work, he’s busy thinking about something—something that you’re feeling sure is something he should be emoting about, not thinking about.

When it’s good, it’s very, very good. When it’s bad, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Pisces: When I see this one, I’m reminded of a friend. Every time she hears the term “Pisces” she responds with “The Devil’s Lap Dog.”

“Dude! That’s harsh!” said another friend. It’s a brutal expression, and perhaps it’s too hard on the poor Pisces sign in general. I can’t let just one negative experience get in the way of the relationship and romance research. But I do wonder about this one. So far, the numbers aren’t too good. 2 out of 3 don’t do well with this relationship.

Now that you know the odds, are you going to be dissuaded from pursuing this? I hope not. Just understand your target. While a Leo woman is full of fire and passionate energy, the ever–emotional Pisces displays his passion in a different way. He’s less inclined to have obvious outbursts of emotions, but if you hurt his feelings, this is the one who will sit there and quietly leak tears from his expressive eyes. If you’re a sucker for nice eyes, you can beat the odds on this relationship. It can be done. Just understand that your man needs a certain amount of affection. Perhaps it would help if called me, and I explained how a Leo is really an easy woman to get along with as long as you follow the rules.

The guidelines are really simple, and the Pisces guy might agree to this right away. It’s just that sometimes his rather fluid background will get in the way. That’s when the trouble starts. But as long as he regards you as the best thing since sliced bread, and you might have been better than sliced bread, you have a chance.

In traditional astrology, Fire is extinguished by Water. That’s what you need to be careful about. Learn to delineate the difference between emotions, feelings, and passion. The words you use are important. And make sure he understands you’re the greatest thing on the planet. That really helps.