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Capricorn: Pragmatic Capricorn’s always have this pinched look on their faces, like maybe they’re smellin’ last week’s bait. Open up a Cappy’s tackle box, and you’ll find organized lures, hooks arranged by size, flies in neat rows — it’s so tidy — it’s disgusting. Cappy’s all have perverse sense of humor, Cap being ruled by Saturn and all. Watch it, these are the guys who will pull the drain plug on the boat, “Just joking,” they say, as you start swimming. Can’t fish very well, but bless their Capricorn hearts, they keep tryin’.

Grocery store: Food shopping with a Capricorn is an experience that’s unlike any other sign the zodiac. There’s a utilitarian side to the event to begin with, but then, like any good Capricorn, there is also a certain flair that is required. It’s like mixing and matching both super cheap generic brand groceries with special, name – brand extra deluxe goodies. To an outside observer, that would be a non–Capricorn, the rhythm and the reason for what is name brand and what is cheap would not make sense, period. But to the Capricorn, there are certain items where the name brand can actually affect the flavor, and this shows up in their shopping cart. The Capricorn is not always an expert, but it’s always best to let them lead the way.

Shopping at midnight: It was long after midnight before you can catch a Capricorn in this kind of a store. Except that the price is a deal, and that always appeals to the more pecuniary side of Capricorn. Don’t get the wrong idea, because a Cap has a sharp eye for a good deal. In other words, hang with the Cap on this excursion, and you might be surprised what you can find him buying. The sartorial splendor that Capricorn can be widely known for, the underpinnings of that outfit might just start some place with a less than regal nature. Of course, in order to make the Capricorn happiest, it has to be a deal and it has to look good.

Brick wall: When a Capricorn is faced with an obstacle, a brick wall in his path, there is only one answer, one solution to getting through this wall, and that would be worry. It’s not like all Capricorn’s have a propensity for worry, but the thought of an immovable object in front of them worries them to begin with, and then, under the close Capricorn scrutiny, that brick wall will eventually succumb to the fevered and furrowed brow of the Cap. This ability to worry is inherent, and in some circles, this worry feature is attributed to Saturn. Whether it’s really Saturn’s fault, or some other quirk in the sky, the way a Cap deals with problems is worrying about it until they arrive at a solution.

Bait: Muskie Lure, the Chub Sucker — Despite the name, the Chub Sucker is a stalwart and dependable attraction for a Capricorn fishie. Its design comes from a long line of ancient lures, and it is very popular in vintage fishing tackle collections. The true beauty of this timely design is the new fangled edition of super – conducting noisemaker spoon bill. It’s that little flair of excitement that is added to a time-proven lure. Classic lines with a modern update. That’s what will always hook a Cap.

Body part: Knees.

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Aries: “(they are) hard–handed men which never labour’d in their minds till now” — from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (V.i.72–3). That quote just helped me set the tone for this kind of a relationship. The Aries male can present the sweet and delicate Capricorn female with a number of obstacles. The poor man–child, as he will surely appear to be, is unruly and apparently undisciplined.
Not always, but to a more refined sign’s sensibility, the Aries male will come across as being not a great choice for these very reasons. The inherent difficulty here is the fact that the two signs square each other, that is, they are at right angles to one another. This isn’t always bad, but it will always be challenging. Now, a Capricorn female without a certain amount of challenge, is quickly bored. The Aries male will certainly rise to the occasion to provide those challenges.

The other thing to consider with a Cardinal Square like this, that is, a situation where two signs are cardinal and making this some times pejorative angle to each other, is that there will an attraction. Perhaps we should label this as a strong, physical attraction. While it’s not always the best basis for a relationship, there is some substance here that, if the Capricorn female is willing to work with the challenge, it can be a good thing.


Taurus: This is really one of the better Cardinal and Fixed relationships because it’s in two earth signs. All that dirt can be quite grounding. That’s the good news. That’s the great news. If you are willing to consult a plethora of old astrology texts, it will tell you that this is a good combination. The Taurus guy is one of the few critters who can really, and I mean really, keep up with a Capricorn girl. Few signs are as durable as a Capricorn, and I can’t think of a sign that ages more gracefully. Unlike fishing bait that isn’t much good after about three days, this relationship just keeps getting better and better with time.

The angle between the signs is called a trine. A trine is one leg of a triangle, and that’s one of the strongest structures in engineering terms. Of course, I have an English degree so my engineering terms are pretty weak. But there’s nothing weak about this relationship. I’ve seen this one be a slow relationship of sorts. It takes a while to develop. It takes a long time to develop some substance, and it takes even longer to grow and blossom. With all this dirt in the relationship, what I see is most like those tulip bulbs that have to be stored in the freezer. The plants are beautiful in the springtime, when they finally get around to blossoming, but the requirements for growth are a slow process.

Since this relationship is like a garden with those bulbs in it, this “affair of the heart” will take some time to develop. Don’t forget that those bulbs need extra attention in the fall. In parts of Texas, gardeners have to dig the old bulbs up, put them in a bag, and put them in the freezer for the winter. It’s the only way to get a full cycle going for the little guys. This relationship is like that, too. It occasionally requires a little bit of time, and certain actions are necessary in order to keep it alive. Don’t be afraid of strange things that you find are necessary to prolong the life of this weirdly wonderful combination.


Gemini: There are many fine qualities to be associated with a Gemini. There are many qualities to be associated with a lovely Capricorn. The two don’t always meet on this physical plane of existence, or so that’s been my experience. The problem with this relationship usually has to do with the Gemini. The Capricorn is not really at fault. The stress comes from the fact that the Gemini has 14 different schemes going whereas that sound and stable Capricorn is only working on about three at one time.

Some books give this at least a single thumb up. I can’t say that I’ve had much success with watching this relationship do much more than excite each sign to some of that sign’s worst behaviors. This is one of those that looks good on paper, but doesn’t seem to actually work in the real world.

To be sure, there is always something innately appealing about a Gemini guy. And the same thing that is so appealing in a social situation, so appealing in the short run, so appealing for quick period of time, so appealing at the moment, just doesn’t always stick in the long run.

At the core of this relationship is a very mutable air sign and a rather industrious but almost equally insouciant earth sign. Both signs have a lot of get up and go. That’s the problem. The Capricorn Earth never gets around to actually acting as the grounding agent for Mr. Gemini.

This is one that looks good on paper, but it doesn’t seem to work in the real world. And after all, there’s always that Capricorn humor which is a little obscure, and the Gemini might never get some of the dry jokes. Too bad because he’s missing a good deal.

In a few cases, this does work over a long period of time, but that speaks more to other elements in a chart than just raw sun signs, It also speaks to that lovely Capricorn tenacity, at least usually.


Cancer: I’ve been careful of how I’ve put my astrology love guide together because I’ve found that just going by the signs alone doesn’t always work the best. There’s also a gender to thing to consider, and no where does this show itself more than right here. This is an odd combination and one that is not without some merit. But you have to remember that you have opposites and while opposites do attract each other, they can also form the virulent of detractions, as well.

When this is good, when the energy is flowing well between these two signs, it works well. When it’s not working well, when the defense mechanisms kick into gear, then there’re a lot of problems. And what’s the real problem? The male is a water sign, and as such, he’s overly sensitive to any number of problems.

The Capricorn, in a hasty moment, can pretty easily run roughshod right over that poor Cancer’s feelings. It might be in a fit of pique, or it might be, in a very genuine moment, an accident.
Imagine your Capricorn self, in your lovely Capricorn car, backing out of the driveway of life, going some place in a hurry. Imagine your Cancer fellow standing there at the driver’s window, him just wanting to give you a little peck on the cheek before you go. It’s supposed to be an endearing moment, fraught with emotion. What I’ve seen happen once too often is that the Capricorn backs right over that Cancer’s toes. Ouch, no one deserved that. Now, in this example, what’s worse, is that Cappy girl just keeps on going, oblivious to the fact that she’s just run over his toes, or his feelings. Or what he’s feeling about having his toes ran over. This is the problem. And most Cancer men are inclined to sulk a bit rather than hop around and yell, scream, shout, and otherwise let you know that you just ran over his toes.

To make this work well, you’ve got to learn to be more sensitive to his little ways, and don’t hesitate to use the brakes a little more often. Of course, this is the inherent problem because Cap girls are always on the go—it’s one of their endearing qualities.


Leo: The opposite of this relationship, the Leo girl and the Cap guy seems to work very well. Now, the reverse of this situation is okay, but it’s not nearly as good as its counterpart. The pieces are all here, the parts all fit, but there is also a subtle clash of ego driven desires and needs that don’t quite work as well as they should. A trip to the bookstore, and a copy of the best selling Mars and Venus book wouldn’t hurt. There’s a hierarchy of desires, not really needs, but things that are wanted, which sometimes encounters difficulties in this relationship.

A Cap girl is a strong and steadfast companion. So is a a Leo guy. But there’s an interplay of personality where the Leo needs to know he is number one. And while a Cappy girl can certainly give into this little game on occasion, there are some instances where she doesn’t buy it. She just can’t admit he’s the best that there is. A Capricorn usually keeps something in reserve. It’s not like this is an inherent characteristic, it’s more like a learned behavior. Overcoming this sense of being unable to completely abandon herself to this relationship is the problem. If this problem is faced, the rewards are immense because there is nothing finer than a Capricorn. But it is a tough call. There’s some communication details that need to be worked out. There are some little difficulties with getting a message across to the Leo that is very important.

I’ve always maintained, and with good reason, that a Leo can usually detect an insincere moment. And it’s often a moment of hesitation for a Cap. While she’s not being insincere, it does come across that way to the Leo. This is where the friction starts. Is it curable? Sure. Is it worth it? It can be. But go back and hit the relationship books first. Learning how to communicate is what will make this relationship work.


Virgo: Virgo man and Cap woman. This has always been interesting to watch. In fact, this is a relationship that will bring many hours of pleasure to your friends. I can’t say that it will bring many hours of pleasure to you, though, although, a decent Virgo male is certainly a good catch. It’s an earth and earth combination, with a solid grounding in reality. Or so it would seem. The Virgo guy, though, has flights of imagination, which can sometimes be interpreted a little too literally by that fine Capricorn mind of yours. Taking something that a guy says too much to your Capricorn heart can hurt. It doesn’t always work out in the best of ways.
However, on paper, this works great. On paper, this is one of the best combinations I’ve seen. On paper, it’s a stellar combination. There are problems in the real world, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not without some real glue. And glue is the stuff that makes people stick together.

Every once in great while, there’s a Virgo who doesn’t complain too much. But as a whole, the sign does seem to have an overly critical eye. This is a the only real source of irritation for these two signs. The nice thing is that the Virgo guy is much less likely to be overly critical as compared with other combinations/ In fact, the mindset of these two signs can be very similar and that’s a good thing.

It was in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream that his character said, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind….” and that’s exactly where this combination can work.


Libra: I typically don’t like to give much creditability to what some of the old texts suggest because these are two Cardinal signs. But a Libra guy can be molded to fit a Capricorn’s desire, if the conditions are right. If all the criteria are met, then this can work pretty well. It looks good from here, but I’m not Capricorn.
What are those conditions? Up front, the Cap girl has a right to a few things before even embarking on this journey. You are going to need a few things from him in order to pursue this: 1) financial statement (does he have a job) 2) Note from his Doctor (recent test results) 3) References from his last three girlfriends (what do they have to say about his skills?) The first two requests are obvious, but the third is a bit of a mind–boggling request.

References are important. If your Libra guy has dated nothing but “psycho girlfriends” for the last 10 years, what’s the chance that you get lumped into that category as well? The odds are definitely not in your favor with this one. If only one, say an ex–wife, was a “bit touched in the head,” then your odds are improving. Don’t be afraid to ask.
The Libra guy has a way with words. He has a way with convincing you, on the romantic front, that this relationship could work. But if you review his history of relationships, you’ll get a much more clear picture about whether this will work or not. It’s got hope, and there is always going to be an attraction for you two. Those darned old Libra guys can just be attractive at time, the right clothes, the right words, and the right touch of a little of romance. The sparks do fly. Just consider the target, and do a little background research before following up on this one.


Scorpio: Not many people are up to the “Scorpio Challenge,” and if a Cappy woman lands a Scorpio male, she will find that she has her hands full because the Scorpio male is certainly a breed apart from the rest. Once again, though this is a Cardinal–Fixed relationship, and these relationship certainly have stronger and more stable characteristics than other signs. In this case, it’s matter of knowing the enemy, knowing what that Scorpio man is like.

Scorpio is intense and usually highly sexual. The problem with this Scorpio male is that he will also be very guarded about his emotions. He might preface any number of statements with the term, “I feel,” but the words themselves lack some of the emotional content one would normally associate with feelings. Get used to it.
Scorpio’s are a manipulative bunch. Not all manipulation is bad, for example, teaching is a form taking young and malleable minds and helping them along. And Scorpios aren’t all bad, either; it just appears that way. The same hold true for the Capricorn female. Both signs get a lot of bad press. Admittedly, some of this is well–deserved, but not all of it. The inherent beauty, and hence the strength of a Capricorn female and Scorpio male lies in the way the two communicate. And, the Capricorn is willing to address and forgive old hurts. Beware, though, because many Scorpios are known for their ability to nurture old resentments.

With this relationship, you will find that there is a certain amount of karma, past life luggage, or soul–mate type potential. It will always feel like you have known this person in a previous lifetime. In fact, it’s quite common to have this one be a love at first sight scenario.


Sagittarius: This is a unique relationship. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, fraught with get up and go. Sagittarius is a wandering sign, with nothing but the next horizon on his mind. While this relationship can be stable, most likely it won’t be.

I will promise, however you slice it up, that the two people will learn a great deal from each other. It usually falls out that the Sagittarius is the wandering soul, and the Capricorn female is the anchor. And, as an anchor, the Cappy has to be a teacher of sorts, too. This can create great problems because most Sag men are given to lecturing whenever and wherever possible. Even when it’s a subject that they know nothing about—that won’t stop pontificating Sag guys. Won’t stop us at all. Therein lies the problem with this relationship: who’s the boss? Who is on top? v
The Sag will react sharply against any feeling of confinement or attempts at direction. Give him free reign, and watch him come running back to you every time. In this case, I would also have to address some of the sexual proclivities of the two signs. The Capricorn, with her great physical stamina, needs to work with the Sagittarius male who needs lots of sex. Sag is known as the most prolific in the zodiac, if numbers mean anything, and the Capricorn is (although this is not common knowledge) has the most endurance. This is the key to keeping a Sag guy happy. Wear him out. Cappy’s are about the only sign that can accomplish this.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”


Capricorn: You guys deserve each other. Therein is the problem, too, because you’re both the same sign, and it’s a difficult sign, at best for some relationships, and two of you together can be really hard to get along with each other. It’s not impossible, though. Far from being impossible, it does have some merits, which are worthwhile, and, at times, make this relationship worth pursuing.
I’ve seen this pairing of same signs be more successful than most. Of course, each person brings a slightly different flavor to the Capricorn party. While the usual stuff about same sign relationship might apply here, it doesn’t always work. The Capricorn humor reaches a new zenith in this combination. It also reaches some exceptional lows, too. This is the only drawback. There’s a time to be serious and time to play. Certain tender moments don’t need to be punctuated with ribald humor. That’s the problem. Of course, some of those tender moments can turn into a comedy showcase at times. The problem begins when the comedy turns a little ugly, and that creates a situation where the showcase begins to resemble a monster truck mud arena.

Capricorn is a sign that is highly charged with a sense of duty and this sense of importance can cause some friction. Just make sure that there are some clear lines that you follow for resolving problems. Difficulties which go unattended can grow into giant sore spots with these two. But this is less likely to happen as long as you two do something to make sure you stay on the same page.


Aquarius: While the fixed and cardinal relationship is usually one of the best, this one has a few problems because we’re dealing a fixed air sign with you Aquarius. At least one Capricorn woman I know has assured me that all men are pathological liars. Such a blanket statement sounds a little bitter. (“I like them like my coffee, not hot and black, just bitter.”)
Bitterness aside, the real glue that is required to make a relationship work is missing here. It just doesn’t exist. The appeal of the Aquarius guy is there, but his airy feeling wears thin before the long term is usually achieved.

Research a Aquarius a little, and make an effort to understand the problems associated with his cool and detached side. In the beginning, that’s part of what appeals about this guy, the concept that you’ve got a male that actually thinks. So much for the good news.

Sooner or later, you want to grab him, shake him, and suggest that he just feel something, some emotion. At times like this, the Aquarius reacts in typical Aquarius manner, pausing long enough to think. Action is something that Capricorn likes, and these moments of inaction on his part come across as feeling like there’s just nothing there.

There is something there, he’s just making an effort to do something unpredictable. Predictably unpredictable. It’s too bad, too, because this is the exactly wrong thing to do. You need a decisive action at this time, not someone who is thinking about what to do.

If you are willing to adjust you reactions a little, then this can work. But it’s a long shot for a betting person, and the odds aren’t good.


Pisces: This is a very unusual combination, and it’s a pairing that’s not without certain merit. There’s a lovely, mystical, intangible quality about your Pisces man that makes him ever so alluring. In fact, I’ve studied one closely, a relationship like this, and it has what it takes to withstand the test of time.

What’s their secret? That would be an ambiguous question, and it fits with this relationship rather well because there are some ambiguous qualities which the Pisces guy has. Sometimes, these qualities are very endearing. That look he gets in his eyes when he stares at you, the softening of his face, a quirky little smile you sometimes get. That sort of thing. Of course, this can also be an unnerving situation where he pauses before he answers any question. Sometimes, a thoughtful answer is quite nice. But sometimes, you just wish he’d hurry up and spit something out, right or wrong.
The secret is toning down the typical Capricorn seriousness. Lighten up and remember the good qualities that you admire in this guy so much. There are some very nice traits he can demonstrate. At times, he will be quite thoughtful and considerate, and he has a chance to be a perfect gentleman.

The single problem (or asset depending on the viewpoint) is the transient nature of the relationship. It’s like a rest area on the Interstate, I’m thinking of a particular one in West Texas with an oil well derrick motif. Out in the “oil patch,” there’s a barrenness that’s just not present anywhere else. The sky stretches for ever, the only feature is this rest area. Only one for 150 miles or so. Now, the Pisces can be like this stopping point on the highway of life. He’s a remote bit of solace in a place there is nothing else. And before you get upset that this is only a stopping point, I’ve got some kin who claim they can live there forever. I’ll bet your relationship with a Pisces can stay forever, if you want it to.