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Libra guys: The little generals. Although the sign of the Scales, denoting balance, just about every Libra I’ve encountered is far from balanced. They too, are ruled by Venus, and this is the Venus of Peace and Harmony. They make excellent fishing partners as long as you’re aware they will—politely—question every answer.

Grocery store: I’ve been shopping with enough Libra’s to know that nothing will escape them. But if you’re planning on this being a quick trip to the store, be prepared for a longer lasting event. The Libra will probably peruse the diet foods, the foods with reduced fat, no calories, and other useless group of food. The heart and soul of Libra is caught up in sweet food.

Shopping at midnight: By midnight, the archetypical Libra has had some relaxing times, and has a playful attitude at the super store. Of course, this apparent lackadaisical attitude is not without some side effects that are worthy of note. Bright, shiny objects, whether it is a chrome mud flap girl or the snaps on a new Wrangler shirt seem to attract the Libra attention. Cosmetics, perfumes, the soft feel of a bolt of Rayon cloth, all of this attracts their Libra gaze. Be prepared to spend a little bit of time looking at the objects because shopping with a Libra can be a little agonizing. They have to decide, and making a decision can be hard for a Libra.

Brick wall: Brick walls with Libra’s are fun, particularly if you have warped sense of humor. Face a Libra with a definite binary question. Yes or No. Black or white. “It’s kind of a gray area, really….” In computer terms, it’s either on or it’s off. 1 or 0. “Well, it’s sort of in the middle, you know….” A Libra can see both sides of a problem, and this gives them a chance to render a fair and impartial decision. But in front of that brick wall, the Libra will bounce from foot to foot, thinking, “I’ve got to get over this thing, but you know, some one put this wall here in the first place, and it’s here for a reason, and maybe we shouldn’t tackle it….”

Bait: Minnow with 3-D eyes — This is going to come as a bit of a surprise, but the Libra target fish needs to feel like its bait has soul. And what better way to show soul with the eyes, those little things poets call windows to the soul? When you select a lure for a Libra, be extra careful about color combinations, too. Avoid garish and tacky colors, tending towards delicate shades of blue with silver or golden scales. And eyes, nice eyes, realistic, 3-D eyes.

Body part: Kidneys, ovaries and lower back.

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Aries: My dear, with an Aries male, you will find that you really have your hands full. The old saw about “opposites attract” is what brought you together in the first place. In this case, I would start by examining the angle between your two Suns, it’s called an opposition, and it is 180 degrees apart from each other. This opposition, though, can work two ways. Rather than call this love at first sight, it might have been an instant dislike based upon a powerful attraction.

The Libra Female will find that there is something really powerfully attractive by the raw animal essence of the Aries male. Granted, he’s childish and immature at times, but the Libra female already knows that this is a common characteristic of most men. But instead of male–bashing, you must realize that this innocence is one of the attributes that attracted you in the first place. The Libra female is much more reserved. And the Aries male will certainly have a take–charge attitude that might help clear up any questions about what direction this romance will take.
It works, and it works well, but it works for the simple reason that both signs are very up front about desires and wishes. Don’t forget that Libra can be a very persuasive sign, and that the Aries like to think that he is in charge. Let him make the decisions, or, at least, let him feel like he is making the decisions. Libra diplomacy is very important in this relationship. When the juice is flowing well along that line which is drawn between these opposite signs, that when things really heat up. Libra air does nothing but fan the Aries flame.


Taurus: A loving Libra needs to have some sort of internal examination before jumping off with a Taurus Male. Don’t get me wrong, the Taurus is absolutely a wonderful person, that’s not the issue or the question. And the Taurus can be so sensual in an exciting way. Again, it’s not the issue. The problem here has to do with making decisions. The typical Taurus way of dealing with a problem is to wait for someone else to fix it. And the typical Libra way is to get some one else to fix the problem. And this is the problem, two signs who are not really willing to address the core issue of whatever it is that is going on.

The upside, of this, is that all the trappings that go to make a relationship a good thing, all the day in and day out stuff, the loading of the bass boat, as it were, that all works. The Taurus will know how to enjoy the good things in life, whether that’s music that is usually a favorite, or tasty food, which is another Taurus trait. And, not to slight the Taurus, the guy will probably be a consummate shopper as well.

The problems seem to occur when the Libra, being the Libra that she is, has a tendency to flirt. I’m reminded of one Libra friend, with a large pair of well–formed assets, and she’s ever so amusing. She gets upset, though, when guys don’t notice her, or when they don’t pay her the kind of attention that she really feels like she deserves. It creates problems.
A lot of this relationship is going to depend on how understanding the Taurus guy is. If he’s fairly self–secure, then this isn’t a problem. But if he’s not secure, perhaps this is a young relationship, then there will be trouble, right here in River City.

The Fixed and Cardinal signs seem to share a enough of a common ground that they have what it takes to keep things moving along in a forward motion with a relationship. What any Libra girl needs to make sure she does, or doesn’t do, is to care for the male ego in this situation. Make sure that he feels secure. Stability is very important to a Taurus, and as long as he feels like the relationship is stable, he’ll be able to ply you with the pretty things that you don’t require, but sure do make you feel l good. Good liquor, nice treats, pretty words, all of it is within the grasp of the Taurus, because, after all, he is the consummate sensualist.


Gemini: Libra and Gemini. Okay, you’ve been warned about the Gemini basic make up, right? The whole two–faced thing? And you can hear the Gemini over in the corner crying out, “We’re not two–faced!” which is actually true, but you need to be aware that there is an inherent duality with a Gemini. Just look at the word, the name itself implies plural. Gemini is always best addressed in the royal “we” format. The good news, though, if you can move past the duality within the Gemini, you’ve got yourself a keeper because a Gemini is an air sign. And Libra is, as well, which means that there is an inherent and built in stability factor here: you two like the way the other thinks. Works well, in other words. Works very well.

At least, it works good here on paper.

The angle between your two signs is called a trine, and in traditional astrology, this is a very good thing, this trine. The real problem with an all air relationship is that there is going to be too much that is unstable. There’s got to be some form of guiding principle with these two signs. Libra is Cardinal sign, which means they like to go charging off in new directions, often at the expense of unfinished business. And Gemini is no better. In order to make these two signs work together, there has to be a spark of mental activity. Something, somewhere has to work.

Neurons in the brain have to be transmitting. As long as they are, there is lots of hope for these two. And the Libra female has to understand the essential “flight” characteristic in a Gemini.
The relationship will be forever young and entertaining—that’s for sure.


Cancer: The Libra Sun Sign Female is face to face with the all–time most difficult and complex male there is in the zodiac. The Cancer male is often accused of being moody and introverted. I prefer to call them “deeply introspective” because it sounds nicer. (And hopefully doesn’t get edited out by my Cancer Editor.) Understand what you are dealing with here, with this very complex individual. A Cancer male will feel things very deeply, but until he gets around to coming out of his shell, you might not know what it is that he is feeling.

In a relationship like this, the Cancer is supposed to be the touchy, feely one, and the Libra is supposed to be the analytical one. This is a Libra Air and Cancer Water at work. So the theory goes.

From the FGS files, what I’ve seen has been a little different. The Libra and Cancer couples seem to have a deeply emotional commitment to each other, but there is always some extenuating circumstance that drives the male away. It’s part of their nature, the Cancer Males, to retreat into their shells from time to time. The whole “Men are from Mars” theory can be exemplified by this. Only in reverse. Of course, I reminded of a time when I spent many long hours with a Cancer Male (not my editor) who was in a lot of emotional pain. We played video games, ran through two rolls of quarters, eat a lot of Tex–Mex cuisine, and generally had a good time of it, but we never addressed the real issue. I got three words out of him about what was actually going on: “It really hurts, man.”

The attraction from a Libra to a Cancer, or the opposite, is somewhat problematic in sun sign astrology. Both Cancer and Libra are Cardinal signs and thus they square each other. This is not always a harmonious angle. But it can work, and fundamentally, at the heart of this relationship, there is a strong attraction. That’s what makes it so important. Can it last? Sure, but do your homework about the sun sign Cancer before embarking on this mission. Remember what the Crab behaves like at the beach: always crawling sideways. Never taking anything straight on. Get the clue? The Cancer Male is going to be the last one to come out and say, “I really love you” even though he might feel it.

Getting past that crab’s shell is the tough part. But like fine dining, once you get past the messy part of cracking the crab’s shell, the tender stuff inside is delicious.


Leo: Caught yourself a Leo Male, have you? The mighty king of the jungle has stumbled into your snare and is now struggling? Works good, if you play with your catch just right. Remember what I’ve said about Libra being a manipulative sign. The sign of the Little General? And, being a Cardinal Sign, the Libra female needs to use all of her best energies in keeping this Leo around.
The hopeful news here is that the Leo usually plays right into your hands. And he reacts very well to proper stimulation, which, I must add, is something that you know exactly how to do. Don’t forget that your Leo Male is a fixed a sign, so despite his fiery exterior, he’s still very stubborn. And this stubborn side has some good attributes, like remaining steadfast at your side through thick and thin.

Of course, there are some troubles here, too, with this stupidly stubborn guy, at least from time to time. This is where your wily female Libra charms come in so handy. Don’t be afraid to cower and hide behind the Leo. Nothing he likes more than coming to the rescue. It’s one of his favorite roles. And the more grandiose he can make it, well, that much better for his Leo sensibilities. He is, after the mighty king of the jungle. The Libra attributes which work to hold all of this together are best used by approaching the Leo Male with the expression, “Honey, you’re the greatest one in the world, could you just…..” and insert whatever thankless task you’ve got coming up. Like cleaning out the stables, or shoveling fertilizer. The Leo guy can be easily persuaded, as long as you begin with his greatness. Then everything falls into place.

Leo is the Royal Sign, and Libra is the manager. Behind every great monarch, or so it seems, there is an efficient staff that actually does all the work. Understand that you are the “boss” in this relationship, but also understand that your Leo needs to feel like he’s in charge. With a paradigm like that, you can’t lose!


Virgo: Loving Libra females will get along with just about anyone in the zodiac. This is due, in part to their kind and forgiving nature. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, of course you guys like anyone. The problems that arise from a Libra female and Virgo male are one of decisions. Neither sign is particularly noted for their decisive ability.

The Virgo male, too, can be quite adventuresome, but you have to get past his Virgo exterior first. The real secret lies in the bedroom. Or the living room. Or even the dining room, wherever the sexual escapades begin. The Virgo male, long tired of being called a Virgin, is usually anything but. Dedicated and monogamous? Certainly. Pernicious? True. Loyal? Of course. Kinky? That’s the secret, but it has to stay behind closed doors.

Whereas other signs have a penchant for exhibitionism, and this includes the Libra, the Virgo male wants to keep it private. Enduring and long lasting, but private. Don’t look for too much public display of affection with this guy. Other Virgo characteristics that are sure to show up include perfectionism and cleanliness. This behavior can make for a bad living arrangement for the Libra. Most Libra females intend to be clean. They might not ever get around to it, but the intention is always there. With Mr. Virgo Male, however, there is more than intention. He is neat and clean. He looks good in a business suit. His hair can be impeccable. And his bathroom is tidy. This exacting behavior can wear thin on the poor Libra female. She is used to action, going doing, and let the maid clean it all up. The Virgo male, however, feels like he IS the maid, and he can be distracted.

This romance is not without some passion, though, and that Virgo kink is fun to explore. Virgo men can be the best at earlobe nibbling and kissing in general. Just don’t lose them in the foreplay.


Libra: This is a powerful combination, especially the closer together the birthdays are. Sun Conjunct Sun is the technical term. What it means is that relationship will have an excessive amount of Libra energy overflowing from every aspect of where these people touch.

Now here’re the difficulties: we have two generals here. Just who is in command?

I’ve got a couple of friends, a long standing married couple, who are both Libra. I’ve inquired a number of times about the success of the relationship. I know that most Libra folks tend to think that the world revolves around them. It’s the sign of the little general. What happens when one little general meets another? That’s simple, at least in the case of my friends. There is a clear division of labor. He’s the boss at the office. Period. She’s the boss at home. End of discussion.

This way, both the generals have a camp in which they can execute orders. The relationship works quite well just like this. In order to make a Libra and Libra relationship work, the lines of demarcation, the point where one starts and the other starts is necessary. “Who’s the boss?” is not a question that can be tolerated. To get these two to work together, you’ve got firmly establish the diplomatic process, and where the country’s boundaries are. Do this first, and all will be well.


Scorpio: The reverse of this relationship, Libra Male and Scorpio Female, I’ve studied for my entire lifetime, and I can assure you with good authority that it works. It’s when the tables are turned that we run into as few problems. It’s not quite as nice as the reverse. Doesn’t mean that this is without merit, though, because it does have a lasting quality to it. The vital link in getting these two signs to stay together in this combination is to avoid contests.

Even if it’s just a jest, even if it is as simple as some penny poker, let his Scorpio skill win. To be fair, he will win some of the time anyway, but that’s just the odds of the game. Still, he has to feel like champion. No sign is better suited for letting him feel like the victorious one that his, no sign basks better in his limelight than a Libra.

Occasionally, he’s going to appear sneaky. Get over it. Sometimes, you wonder what he’s really up to. Get over that, too. On occasion, there are some pretty serious questions about behaviors. Ignore his bad actions. Sometimes, you see, a Scorpio has to feel like he’s being sneaky, even if there isn’t anything there.


Sagittarius: Nothing so reminds me of a Libra girl with a Sag guy more than the Vietnamese [or Thai] delicacy, Iced Coffee. (I think it’s called Cafe su Dat) It’s a potent blend of French Roast coffee and creamy sweetened condensed milk. In most of the places around here, they serve it with the coffee still filtering into the cup, and separate glass with ice and a spoon to stir the concoction together. Sagittarius is like the coffee itself, strong, dark, handsome, full of flavor and aroma. The sweetened, extra thick milk syrup at the bottom is like the Libra—ever so sweet and perfect compliment to this coffee. The serving theory, and this is what I’ve learned, comes from mixing the two liquids together before you pour them over ice. And this relationship is much the same way. Mix well first, then call it a relationship. Mix, then decant.

The reason for this is simple, both signs tend to be just a little aloof at times, a little standoffish from the whole idea of a real relationship. The Libra, like that sweet milk, though, seems better suited for a partner than the male Sagittarius. Occasionally, coffee is good just straight. But that milk really needs something to cut its flavor, something for it to enhance.
The angle between these two signs is a good one, one that flows sweetly, and the simple flow can be good. There are certainly times to be enjoyed with each other. This does have what it takes in the long run to be a good relationship. The important lesson here, and this is more for the Libra, is to understand the Sagittarius freedom thing. Fortunately, this isn’t a difficult task for the loving Libra woman. She understands, perhaps a little better than most, just what it is that her Sagittarius guy needs. “Hey baby, who loves you?”


Capricorn: Libra and Capricorn, and now you’ve got yourself a Capricorn male, will it work? It can work, despite what traditional sun sign astrology says about you two being a square to each other. The angle between the sun signs is a difficult one, but not without certain attributes which make it work well. The matter at heart is about understanding what you’ve got your hands on, two Cardinal signs.

While a Cardinal sign is lovely with all it’s get up and go, there are certain inherent problems with two them together. These problems include great ideas, but might lack a little follow through. The energy is there, there just isn’t anyone around you actually do the work. The problem with this relationship is that the Capricorn can be a real spoilsport, reacting badly to new situations. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy the challenge, it’s just that he is an earth sign, and those guys tend to pedal around in a thing called reality. The Libra would never spend too much time there.

The other attribute, which makes this an exciting relationship, is the physical attraction. Libra is not called “lovely Libra” for nothing. There will be an aura of physical attraction between these two signs…. just about every time. Makes for a great flavor.

With destiny involved, this is the best of combinations for friendship. And at the very core of every good relationship, especially over the long haul, friendship is an important concept. Fortunately, Ms. Libra, you’re balanced enough to make this work on some level, if not all levels.


Aquarius: Fixed Air (Aquarius) and Cardinal Air (Libra) is an unusual combination. There’s an attraction here, and according to some reference manuals, a good combination. But my dear Libra girl, you have to understand what you are dealing with.

Your Aquarius guy is a rebel at times. Perhaps he’s a rebel with no clue. Perhaps he doesn’t have a just cause at the moment. You might want to provide him with something to fight for. There is a distinct possibility that you two are going to have a nice “meeting of the minds” and as we get older, this appeal is increasingly important. The hassle with an Aquarius is that he has a tendency to run hot when you run cold, he runs away when you want him home, and he thinks about a problem before tackling it.

This might sound a lot like your self, at times. The problem is that you can always expect the unexpected from him. If you are willing to be entertained by such antics, this works exceptionally well. If you’re not willing to let this work for you, then there might be trouble, and you can just give this a pass. It depends on where you are in your own development cycle. I’ve never ceased to be amazed and intrigued by Aquarius people. Always interesting, always entertaining, for me. But then, there’s a touch of Aquarius and a touch of Libra in my chart. I can easily see, though, that there can be problems when you want to get into the swing of things. Like the time you need a date for a black tie affair, and your Aquarius willing to dress up in his tux, but he also insists on wearing a ratty old pair of cowboy boots, perhaps ones that have been used that afternoon while herding cattle.

On such occasions, you have to celebrate the unique style that every Aquarius has, although, from time to time, he might offend some of your more conventional aesthetics. Enjoy him for what’s he’s worth, though, because he can stick by your side, and he can be the ultimate in dependable if you give him a chance.


Pisces: With some signs, this is a wonderful combination, exciting each other to new highs. With other signs, there are inborn – on board problems. This is one of those times when there is an inbred problem. I wouldn’t say that it’s an inherently bad combination, but the more I dig through the files, the less I found that works here.

The angle between the two signs is called an “inconjunct” or a “quincunx.” It describes an astrological angle of 150 degrees, which, as I’m sure your fine Libra mind will denote, is an odd angle. The tricky part is balance in this relationship. If you can ever achieve that perfect form of balance, then this one works pretty good. But it’s getting to that perfect point of balance, especially with a Pisces, which creates a problem. In fact, if you do figure out how to get to that balance point for a long–term relationship with this one, let me know. We’ll study it, bottle it, and make a lot of money.

The other question with this relationship is more along the lines of romance. And that’s what this Pisces can be really good for. Removing the long–term love question from this relationship, and looking at it as strictly a romantic interlude, then you’ve got what can be fun. The signs are compatible enough, and when you’re caught up in the heady throes of the first of the heart tugs, then this is great. And there’s no one finer than a Pisces for that romantic interlude.