Fishing Guide to the Stars

Stay your thanks a while, And pay them when you part. Leontes in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale 1.2.9-10 Horoscopes for 9.27.2018 Libra Cosmic post-it notes. There stars, especially the Moon and Mercury, are conspiring to remind you about one item that, sort of, needs some Libra (Happy Birthday!) attention at the moment. Having dealt with [...]

Think not, although in writing I preferr’d The manner of thy vile outrageous crimes, That therefore I have forg’d, or am not able Verbatim to rehearse the method of my pen. Gloucester in Shakespeare’s Henry VI part 1 (III.i.10-3) Horoscopes for 9.6.2018 Virgo A marketing “expert” explained to me that message has to be seen [...]

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