• Horoscopes for 2-27-2024
    “Those scraps are good deeds past, which are devour’d As fast as they are made, forgot as soon As done.”
    Ulysses in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida (III.iii.149-51)

    Horoscopes for 2-27-2024

    Mars square Jupiter 2/27 10° Aqu/Tau Sun/Saturn/Mercury 2/28 10° Pis Venus square Uranus 3/2 19°Aqu/Tau

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    PiscesHappy birthday, dear Pisces. Now? Recall, I’m quoting a seldom done Shakespeare play, kind of a one-off in the canon of “great literature,” Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.
    “Those scraps are good deeds past, which are devour’d As fast as they are made, forgot as soon As done.”
    Good deeds are quickly forgotten with the addendum to that? Wrongs, and perceived sleights are carried unto the grave — and beyond. Saturn in residence in Pisces, gets an added annual double-dose of attention, and now, more so than any other time, so following the rules, not rocking the boat, not questioning the powers-that-be, in other words, stick to both the letter and spirit of the law of the land. There will be immediate and tangible benefits, if you hew the letter and spirit of the law. I’m not sure whose jurisdiction this falls under, but whatever it is? Look at the rules. The written and unwritten rules. Letter and spirit of the law. Don’t need a lawyer to spell this one out, but failure to comply? Might need a lawyer. It’s Saturn and this fleeting influence is over in a hurry, but remember, both the letter and spirit of the laws. Other influences play into this, but let’s stick with the idea, happy birthday, etc., but letter and spirit of the law of the land, wherever you find yourself.


    Buddy once gave me a really nice custom Zippo lighter. Think there’s a picture on the site, someplace, as I’ve used it for an iconic image. Like that he thought about me like that. I used for lighting cigars, back when I could afford to enjoy a good cigar. Even a bad cigar was good. Said it before, say it again, the world needs more good, cheap cigars. But this isn’t about the cigars, my health situation is one where I can’t consume any tobacco, in any form, and that includes cigars. But this isn’t about cigars, or tobacco, whether it is ritual or otherwise. It’s about a lighter, and an iconic type of lighter, at that. My personal experience? In movies, on TV, especially in an action sequence? The Zippo Lighter always works. It’s never out of fuel, and it’s never out of a flint. Always catches on the first flick. My previous experience with that one lighter? Flints run out in a week, and the fuel runs out in about five days. Maybe I used it heavily. Maybe I had it sitting on my desk, and it was used — like — a lot? Maybe that’s the situation. I’m not sure, though, as I was actually using the lighter rather than just keeping it for a souvenir. However, let’s weigh my personal experience with what it shows on TV, in the movie. Those lighters always spark the first time. My experience? It’s not like it is on TV (or in the action movies). Just because you’ve seen trained professionals with a prop department do it?


    Most astrology authors are calling for a radical change. “If it is black, then bleach it white, but if it is white, then dye it black.” A complete and total reversal of the way things are to make them the way things should be, or maybe, this is just a cosmic joke. I’m less enthralled with huge changes at a time like this, and especially for gentle Taurus, that kind of “Just change everything” doesn’t really work, just upsets the status quo, and the way things were. However, the gentle and not-so-gentle push from Mars and Venus suggests that we look at and consider some possible different directions.
    I didn’t suggest changing one damn thing!
    To be clear, I am suggesting looking at, considering, mulling it over, and maybe taking a single step towards a different approach, but none of my suggestions include a complete and total make-over that might have to be redone, undone, or otherwise completely fixed in a few weeks. No one wants that much work. Some other signs, maybe, but not steadfast Taurus, which means? Slow and steady, and consider the options.


    For many, I have position that looks a bit like a confessor. I hear stuff from clients. What I try to do is align what I hear with what I see in specific astrological transits, as that’s what makes most sense to me. Looking ahead, and I’ve seen this before, but looking ahead at what’s happening in generous Gemini? There is an internal push (Saturn/Sun/Mercury) that wants your Gemini selves to confess to sins that you might, or might not, have committed. There is a branch of theology that can deal with the question, “If I thought about it, that is just as a bad as doing it, right?” I don’t have intellectual or emotional bandwidth for that. This influence is short, too, and the lasting effect, while that lingers, the question itself, what I wonder, why confess to something that you didn’t do? “But I thought about it!” Again, this is a question for minds greater than mine to dissect and argue the various thorny, metaphysical, and theological, implications. But confessing to a crime that you didn’t commit?


    Loathe as I am to trot this out — yet again — a brief history lesson benefits my Cancer friends, the sign of the Crab. In 1835 then marching into 1836, Governor/General Santa Ana left the Yucatán and started marching towards a troubled colonial hotspot: Texas. He marched through six-inch snowfall with green recruits from the lush and tropical areas of Mexico. One written report suggested that snowdrifts as high as two feet hindered his progress. Weather that affects history — in the making. Before moving forward, before cutting a wide swath through the field in order to surmount and subdue a perceived foe? Before battling with an aim to vanquish that perception of an enemy of the Moon Children? Before attacking, or even planning an attack? Let’s dive into a historical record and see what it says about that, now. Saturn, in Pisces, affords a break, a reprieve, and a chance to cash in on the insights from looking backwards in order to look forward. In other words? Put the struggle in historical context, if nothing else.

    The Leo

    Leo heartNot being a fan of messy emotional crap, we have to admit, it is fun to watch when it happens to someone else. Amusing, or, at least, intriguing? Something like that. The time-worn expression is “train wreck,” with its real roots in Texas, the Crash at Crush. Now, here’s where it all gets sticky: not being a fan of messy emotional crap? Still, being drawn in as a spectator? The singular point to be most observant of, for the magnificent Leo? Don’t get drawn into the fray itself. Don’t pick a side, and start fighting for, or against, a perceived foe. Observe, be amused, watch with wry detachment, that’s all good. The desire to enter into the fight on the side of “right,” strong that the desire might be? Stay out of it. We’re best as onlookers, rubberneckers, and dispassionate observers, not combatants or participants in any form. It is messy and the clear delineation between “right” and “wrong” might not be so clear, although, as The Leo we have clear favorites. It also gets messy. No need to get that mess on your nice royal Leo attire.


    There’s the right way, the wrong way, and then there’s the most difficult way to do this. I count that as three possible routes. Right way, wrong way, and taking a simply task, then complicating it until it is almost unrecognizable, with its myriad of options, solutions, and side-trips. Kind of like meandering narrative from the likes of me? Sure, there’s that. But the suggestion is, for this week’s Virgo, and looking at the Saturn/Sun/Mercury alignment? The simplest solution is the best. Try Occam’s Razor. “Try Occam’s Razor for a closer shave! It’s so simple, it just works!”


    Standing outside? Standing outside and looking in? All makes sense now, but at the moment, wrapped up in the events, as they were transpiring and unfolding? Very different perspective, no? It’s about being able to step off to one side to see this more clearly. Look at it from a different point of view, or look at it from another person’s perspective. Point-of-view, think that’s the easiest way to get this across. Standing outside, looking in? Very different from being in the heat of the action, or the middle of the scene. When it’s happening to you, as opposed to when you’re watching it unfold. Very different. The way to get by, thrive in these uncertain times? Stand outside, and observe. Looking in, other than participating? Kind of the message.


    Before you open your mouth to correct me? Pause. Between you and me, privately? I’d guess you’re probably more correct than I am; however, the two of us in public? I’m going to suggest that you not embarrass me, or yourself, by correcting me, even if I am incorrect. It’s not a good look, and there’s a little bit of what we call, “Blow back.” Correcting me, in public, calling attention to my obvious shortcomings and various faults, bad manners, inappropriate suggestions, and material that is over the line, just by a bit? Calling attention to my shortcomings are a problem for you. The Scorpio week starts with material that might be obvious to you, but the rest of us are oblivious, and calling attention to that material, think: whistle-blower style? Calling us out for your perception of our shortfalls as humans, as people, that creates a greater rift as the week wears onward. Simplest solution? Before you open your mouth to correct me? Pause. (Scorpio hint: I know I’m wrong; therefore, no need to exacerbate the situation.)


    There is one Sagittarius brother who will get this, and for the rest? This is allegory. I was at the front door of a nightclub that had my name on its incorporation papers, long dead past. I’m working as a doorman because, as an owner, it’s what we did. Couple of kids come up, and start protesting, no ID (no ID, no entry). They kept claiming that they knew the owner. I never seen them before in my life. They didn’t know my name, didn’t guess the correct schools, nor did they even recognize me. At the time, I was too young to look like “the owner.” Misspent follies of youth. The story came back, in a different form, and I laughed since my Sagittarius self has been there. “I’m a friend of the owner,” or any other similar little, white lie? Seems innocuous enough, correct? It’s not. In part, there’s a (Sagittarius) temptation to try to use that as an excuse to get into something, probably not a seedy nightclub, but “I know the owner” ruse. Don’t. But if we are patient, we’re going to run into similar people trying that line with us. Be amused, but firm. “Really, you know this person?” “I’m with the band.”


    One of the greatest forms of relief, as a human? “I told you so.” Yeah, and especially for a recalcitrant and capricious Capricorn? What’s better than getting to use that expression, “I told you so?” Smirk. Snicker. Spike the damn ball, already, do an end-zone dance, celebrate in whatever way you think is appropriate. Sure. However, I would be remiss if i didn’t warn your gentle self about the use of that phrase — out loud. See where I’m going with this? It’s quite all right to think it. It’s OK to repeat it to yourself. It might not be in your enlightened best interest to use that expression, “I told you so,” out loud, towards an injured and aggrieved person. Never mind that you were, in fact, quite right, and you did, in fact, warn the other person, and never mind that the other person didn’t follow one shred of your advice, and then? We all reap what we sow. Here’s the Capricorn conundrum for the moment, for the week ahead, just because you were right? Does that mean you should point out that you were correct at that time? Maybe wait until the tensions lessen before you give into a temptation to say, “I told you so.” Too soon? And I’ll point back to this, and say, “You were warned.” Or? “I told you so.”


    Mars squares Jupiter and Venus squares Uranus. A “square” is a 90° angle between planets, and it indicates, in old fashioned astrology? Trouble. In my understanding and observation? Tension. Tension isn’t always bad, either, as that kind of pressure can serve as a way to test the extant system for efficiency and strength. There’s added pressure on the Aquarius love sector, but that doesn’t mean anything has to change, will change, or should change. Old trick, out of date, but still possibly useful for perspicacious Aquarius? Valentines crap goes on sale Feb. 15, and there are remnants of that crap in the discounted bins near the store’s entrance. Skip the candy, that would rot by next year, and skip the chocolate, that’s just refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and chemicals. But the plastic flowers, various artificial garlands, and the heart-shaped cards, all of those are still steeply discounted. While the pressure is now? Think about long-term solution that might work better, in week, a month, maybe even save it for next year. “It says, ‘To my one, true love,’ but there’s a bulk mail stamp on it.” (That joke has never worked.)

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